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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Sep 11, 2017

The Polar Vortex RETURNS!!!!

Dan Walsh makes his long awaited return to the Q and jumps in describing life in LA.  Him and his room mate working to get ahead in the world of entertainment. Dan dishes on the way that LA works and what he likes and doesn't like about living there. Then Mark decides to help Dan get a movie but there are stipulations to the job.  From there Mark and Dan discuss California and their drug policy regarding cannabis. 

Mark and Dan discuss the Trump and hurricane connection which is on the mind of  everyone currently.  But to not be outdone, Mark decides to put Walsh onto the Q Hotseat and gun him with some tough independent thinking style questions....Dan delivers some interesting stories! Take a listen and enjoy.

Sep 5, 2017

Oh it's been an amazing week and it just keeps getting better people. First up Producer Bobby is the co-host this week and we start off discussing Black Lives Matter and specifically the fact that there is this push to get people within the movement to stop saying "White Privilege" and start saying "White Supremacy".  Mark and Bobby feel this is change in the narrative for a purpose. Why...Mark explains in the show. 

Next Kim Jong Un is evidently not "respecting US like he should".  Trump recently tweeted out that North Korea (NK) backed down from us because they respect & are scared of our power. Then they went dropped a hydrogen bomb to test it and worked great. So they are currently threatening the USA and Trump is mad that China is not making NK bend to their power.  So Trump has the USA on the brink of Going to Nuclear War and there is nothing to do but listen to the Q. 

Aug 28, 2017

Well it happened....McGregor fought 40 yr old Floyd MONEY Mayweather and it delivered. Conor and Floyd put on a show up till the main event happened and then they put on one more show for everyone.  There was nobody that walked away unhappy with the fight at all.  Jason Kull and Producer Bobby join Mark to discuss the aftermath of the MONEY FIGHT and what it means for Floyd's legacy and where McGregor can go from here.

Then we move on to the pardoning of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Trump. Trump had made claims multiple times explaining that he would not pardon the lawman, but that changed when during Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas, he quietly made it happen behind the scenes. This is Trump M.O. to a "T".  Arpaio didn't deserve a pardoning and the guys discuss how this was mishandled and why Joe should serve out the 6 month potential sentence on the table.


Aug 21, 2017

Tony Cabral joins the show for the first time in a long while.  First up the two guys discuss this whole Trump phenomena and how we exactly got to this point. Discussing Colbert and Kimmel recently taken it to Trump and whether or not they were just in their statements. 

Next the aura of the Confederacy still being a talking point after a lady was killed in Charlottesville and more protesting in Boston.  Is there value to that rag the Confederates call a flag?  What do statues have to do with 2017? And how long will this petulant baby whining the conservatives are constantly doing about their freedom of things.  At this point it seems like everything has been taken away from them and really nothing has. Plus INDIANS/NATIVE AMERICANS get discussed.

Finally Mark and Tony dig into a solid discussion of Jean Twenge new book I-Gen and an interview Tony saw regarding the breakdown of what this newest generation definition means. But where exactly does Gen-X, Gen-Y/millennials and the I-Gen start and stop. 

All this and much, much more on this episode of The Q!

Aug 14, 2017

Oh it is a good week according to White Nationalist trump supporters.  They came out in droves to the university of Virginia in Charlottesville.  All because a Civil War monument was being removed from the school grounds.  KKK, Skinheads, Nazi sympathizers and White Nationalist (aka ALT-Right) descended on the school grounds the night before and were dressed like yuppie college kids carrying Tiki Torches.  All because they can't reserve their racism and bigotry anymore.  They are out and they are quite proud. But then someone drove a car into a crowd and killed a person along with two cops that also died. Jason Kull and Producer Bobby sit in to discuss all the events.

Then we switch gears to World War 3 and the potential for it ignite with President Trump in a war of words and nuclear showing off with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  KJU has threatened to destroy the island of Guam and is basically throwing a middle finger to the world.  Should we accept the invite and level their country or do we sit back and wait for what will happen.  The guys discuss at length the nuclear threats and this whole situation.

Aug 7, 2017

Two special little guests join the show with Sean Vincent and Jason Kull.  They happen to be Mark's children and they fulfill a wish to come on their dads show and talk.  After that, the show kicks into high gear welcoming Sean and diving head first into the Robert Mueller FBI investigation of Trump and Russia. Mueller impaneled a Grand Jury  and Mark thinks this protects him against any chance that Trump could fire him.

Then, Mark brings up a facebook post regarding Sean Vincent and something he said to the affect of "people should handle their personal finances better". Jason, Mark and Shawn discuss how this affects people. It jogs Mark's memory regarding the 2008 crash and how a lack of handling personal finanace with a realistic view is what lead to the crash. Also Mark reads a note left to a waitress about blue lives matter.  Mark discusses the first amendment and the value of blue lives matter.

All this and much more on this episode of the Q.

Jul 24, 2017

Jason Kull and Ed Reggi join Mark to discuss the newest member of team Trump and figure out whether this will last or not. Anthony Scaramucci is the new Director of Communications for President Trump and Sean Spicer resigned after he was appointed to the position.  Will Scaramucci be able to handle the daunting job of Trump and his tweets?  The guys discuss in detail.

Also, movies come up and the guys start discussing what actors and actresses are underrated and deserve more recognition.  Listen and find out who the guys pick to applaud with credibility. Do these people stand up in your mind as worthy or not?

Jul 17, 2017

Anthony Rogers is not new to controversy.  In the past few years he has made some significant statements on social media regarding Michael Brown and the Ferguson situation from 2014.  He has been back and forth with angry promoters kicking him off paid comedy gigs. AND NOW....Anthony, a previous guest on the Q, is in the sights of the Riverfront Times.  The RFT is a local news magazine in the St. Louis area that focuses on pop culture and entertainment.  Mark has had his fair share of going around with the RFT in the past and Anthony brings the whole dismay with that company back around with a hit piece they did on him. Mark and Anthony try to explain that they are representative of St. Louis to many people outside this metro area and there are companies pretending it is not true. The guys discuss in glorious detail.

Also, Mark and the guys focus on the Donald Trump Jr. email with Russia and how everything that was considered fake is slowly coming out to be true.  So MSNBC, NY Times and Washington Post were not lying as previously stated.  This brings the conversation around when Producer Bobby and Anthony state that all sports is fixed and fake.  Mark disagrees. Sit back and enjoy the conversation between these verified entertainers from STL. 

Jul 10, 2017

Donald Trump recently went to the G20 and in our opinion did not represent our country as well as he could.  Jason Kull joins Mark to discuss Ivanka sitting in on G20 meeting on behalf her dad, and his awkward and lonely vibe he gave off.

This leads to a report from an Australian journalist covering the G20 that reported on Trump in the most scathing way possible.  The guys play the clip and proceed to discuss all the points and merits the journalist brings up in the video. From the vibe that world leaders are working around him, to their decision to just ignore him.  All of this leading to what is now called the G19, not 20.

Finally Mark and Jason focus on the Donald Trump Jr. Saga regarding campaigning and meeting with Russia.  He's stated a bunch of times that the Russia thing has been a Witch hunt until now.  They have proof and DT Jr. is back pedaling a ton on this one.  Will it seal the fate of Trump will be discussed.

Jul 3, 2017

CRAZY CHEAP FIREWORKS is the PROUD sponsor of this weeks show.

Mark and Producer Bobby are back with a vengeance and Donald Trump makes it all the sweeter.  This week Donald tee'd off on two MSNBC news hosts about their personal lives and took pot shots at Mika Brzezinski for a face lift that was personal and a problem for her.  Then called them good people.  Mark and Bobby discuss the impact of Trump Tweeting and attacking Citizens. This leads to a discussion about Tom Brady and whether or not we feel he has hit "Michael Jordan sports ICON" level yet. 

And thats not all.  Chris Christie decided to close the state beaches and parks due to budget issues in New Jersey. This coincided with the 4th of july holiday weekend and people got pissed.  But to add insult to injury, Christie took his family to an empty beach and let his family have a blast.  Super uncool. We discuss all this and much more on this weeks Q.

Jun 26, 2017

Chris Cyr the holder of the empire that is , a place for all comedians to find out about all the shows and comedy opportunities that exist in the St. Louis metro area.  Chris is a very funny man who joins Mark and Jason on this weeks episode of the show.  

First up Mark and the guys discuss something that is not on the agenda.  Because of June being PRIDE month, Mark brings back his whole "You don't need to make sure everyone knows you're gay argument".  He loves the LGBTQ community, but the constant need to talk about it and promote it with rainbows seems like overkill. 

Then they move on to Trump and the AHCA along with discussing gun rights and the Philando Castile dash cam video.  This leads to internet troll Mark Dice being brought up and discussed on the show.  All this and much more on this episode.

Jun 20, 2017

Mark Bland, Producer Bobby and Jason Kull are not novices to the world.  Having been around the block a few times, the guys are pretty mentally grounded in right and wrong.  But the first topic of the show this week tests the moral high ground of the guys as a whole.  

Otto Warmbier is a US college student that was in North Korea for 17 months before he was brought home this past week.  Otto was in a coma the majority of that time and when he returned to the USA he passed away a few short days later. Of course with Mark being a lightning rod for discussion, Mark was attacked for his opinion on the Otto situation on Twitter and social media.  Mark and the guys discuss the unwarranted attacks on him and why Otto was in trouble in the first place.  You just don't steal. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, the sentiments are the same.....stealing is bad.  

Also, Mark hasn't tested with sound on the show in a while and decided to break it out during the show. This comes on the heels of discussing secret rooms and eventually a discussion on the Supreme Court saying it is OK for sexual deviants and sex offenders to maintain social media. Enjoy! 

Jun 12, 2017

Jason Kull and Mark Bland are back after a hiatus and the first thing up is the James Comey Testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. James rolled, bobbed and weaved to the committee.  Did he say anything that would incriminate Trump, probably not. What about anything to help Trump...probably not.  In all the two guys will discuss what you should have taken from the testimony in general. After that, Mark and Jason talk about the fact that Puerto Rico has elected to join Statehood in the USA.  Will Donald Trump/Congress allow this to go through....find out what the guys think.  Finally Mark breaks down the 10 best movies "loosely based" on true stories. Think hard and see if you guessed correct.

May 30, 2017

Let's just face facts.  Having Allies in War is strategically important to the success of a country in a War. And with the world on edge and arms discussions at the highest levels since the Cold War, it would only benefit the USA to have good allies. Unfortunately when you hand the keys to the country, to a man that clearly has no couthe and tends to go out of his way to attack and degrade the leaders of our allied countries, you are gonna end up worse for wear. And after this first trip to the middle east to meet leaders in that area, and his handling of the secret info from the Manchester attack, Trump is starting to piss allies off. Mark and Jason Kull discuss the impact that this could have.

Also, Mark went to Six Flags St. Louis again and had another issue. Although this time it wasn't with treatment of people. Mark seems to have found a serious issue with sizing at park.  He discusses on the show.

Finally,do you think that Jason is a badass?  Well Mark gives Jason a personality test to see if he is a badass. Find out where Jason falls.

May 22, 2017

Mark Bland the host of the Q has been completely out of touch with why people in the South, a major win point for Trump, voted so blindly.  Always believing if he figured out the reasoning, that he could apply it across the board and get a better picture of how things happened.  Then the makers of SERIAL, the podcast, did a new one called "S-Town". 

S-Town was brought to Mark's attention by the website and it focuses on an eccentric man from a small town outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama named John B.  John calls up NPR and This American Life to come do a expose on his town and a murder that happened there (we won't say anymore for fear of spoiling).   It's a great podcast but Mark caught something in the show and when he heard it, it literally was a "gotcha moment" politically for him.  The Fuck It Theory.

The Fuck It Theory explains it all in detail and Mark, along with producer Bobby and Jason Kull, break down the theory and discuss it's merits within the context of the 2016 Election.  Plus Trump made his first Foreign trip to the Middle East and man did some weird Orb stuff happen. All this and much more on the new episode of the Q.

May 15, 2017

James Comey has been fired by Trump and Mark is all hot and bothered by the decision because who will they replace him with?  Brandon Travis and Jason Kull join the show to discuss and focus on the corrupt tendencies of Donald Trump these past 115 days. 

But Mark has a bigger message on the plate and we don't think it would go over well nationally.  Saturday Night Live has done a fantastic job with the Trump and Spicer parodies...maybe TOO GOOD a job.  Mark discusses the impact of the parodies on the national consciousness and whether it would be a good idea to continue them or not.  Find out what the guys said on this fast paced show.

Finally, Mark brings up the top 10 Shower Thoughts of all time and the guys breakdown whether they are worthy of the distinction or not.  All this and much more on this episode of the Q!

May 8, 2017

France has made a decision that couldn't come at a better time.  Marie Le Pen, considered the Donald Trump of the election, was sent packing with her tail between her legs after centrist and logical thinker Emanuel Macron won in the hotly contested French election.  This was a dagger to the hearts of hard core Right wing media and supporters who thought after Brexit and Trump, their ship had come into harbor.  But alas, they were wrong.

On top of that, Producer Bobby and Brandon Travis help Mark kick around the idea that the FAKE NEWS attempt near the end of the French election was an attempt to sway the election.  Then Brandon decides to tell his story of what he called FAKE NEWS within his own life.  Was it truly fake news or not....Mark and Bobby discuss.

Finally, the Boy Scouts hit the news in the past week when a girl was given the chance and authorized to join the Boy Scouts.  But Mark doesn't see the value in this and it turns into a heated debate between all three men as they breakdown their personal ideals to figure out if this Scout decision was a good thing or bad thing.


May 1, 2017

Another rousing week of Trump and the stupid was so high Mark couldn't bare to talk too much Trump and his first 100 days in office.  Eventually Mark gets around to discussing it but not before his guest Dan Buffa, a known St. Louis sports writer and movie reviewer, jumps in to lighten the mood.

First up is discussions on the St. Louis Blues and the predictions of how deep into the playoffs these guys are gonna go.  Then Mark gets into Dan's background and what other sports Dan enjoys...but outside of the USA.  

Then Mark and Dan shift into Trump talk which leads into movie talk.  Mark originally made a snide comment on Twitter to Dan trying to goad a discussion...Dan retorted and stated he would be willing to come on the Q and discuss movies.  So now Dan is here and he's no slouch when it comes the the movie game. Mark tells Dan about this game regarding picking a movie from every year that you were alive.  Well that doesn't last long and these two movie fans really get into discussing sequels and everything else about movies. 

Apr 24, 2017

What happens when you bring Jason Kull and Brandon Travis together in a room??? Well you get this episode of the Q.  The two guys join Mark to discuss the current situation with North Korea, but more from the point of view of Europe.  

Currently France, one of the main tenants of European power, is in the middle of an hotly contested's starting to look like another "Trump-esque" victor in Marie Le Pen is on her way to overall victory. What does this mean for the region and the United States regarding the new tone set? Well that all gets discussed.

Finally Mark and his guests take a letter from a listener regarding Mark's tendency to have tournaments of pop culture and put unlikely things against each other. A listen named John sends in his 4 Disaster movies and wants us to match em up. Find out what movies are on the list and see if you agree with our choices and eventual winner. 

Apr 17, 2017

Did he really say that???? Yep. Sean Spicer stuck his foot in his mouth again and called concentration camps, "Holocaust Centers".  But the funny thing is that it's not event he biggest story of the week.  More crazy Trump things happened and Mark, Bobby and Jason dive in head first to all of them.  

Trump decided to go and drop the MOAB in Afghanistan and now the world is on edge because its the largest non nuclear bomb the USA has.  And with North Korea constantly shooting their own rockets towards the USA, everyone knows that a potential nuclear showdown might happen sooner than later.

Also. a guy decided to jump on Facebook Live and start killing people while streaming it.  This is some crazy stuff that leads to a discussion about the death penalty and the guys talk about their stances on the issue because of the Arkansas lethal injection stuff going down in the next 10 days. 

All this and more on the Q! 

Apr 11, 2017

School Shootings, Bombing Syria and Governors giving up their seats of power, it's all in a normal week for one Donald J. Trump and for the Q staff to dissect. 

First up, Jason Kull and Producer Bobby slip back into the seats of producer and co-host to help Mark break down all the fun.  But it's the school shooting that opens the eyes of Mark and the team to where they are eventually gonna go with the show. A Murder-Suicide takes the life of a teacher and 8 year old student in San Bernadino and this raises the the good ole 2nd Amendment question in the eyes of everyone on the show.  Everyone but Bobby, which triggers the most morbid episode of the Q possible.  Bobby brings up the validity of the school shootings before he breaks down the door of crazy things that happen on the internet. This leads to a discussion of death and suicides on the internet that are filmed and the guys discuss all of it.

After that, it's Super Syria time as the boys discuss our friend of the show, Donald J .Trump decided to throw down the proverbial gauntlet and let the  world know that after he tells people in need they aren't welcome, he'll be the first to kill their eventual killers...but only after those people are already dead and can't benefit from Trump at all. 

All this and much more on the Q!

Apr 4, 2017

Producer Bobby returns on this late episode of the Q.  Trump has been trying to downplay this Russia stuff and it's not going well at all.  Now they are finding new evidence of his potential collusion during his campaign and he is in full retreat mode. Mark Bland, Producer Bobby and guest Brandon Travis look into all this sweet content and discuss it voraciously. Plus the Gorsuch nomination is in limbo and Mark breaks that down for all the "nuclear options" people.

But the fun don't stop there, cause Mark has some grooming questions for Bobby and he re-iterates a story from when he was going to the doctor.  Where the story goes, no one will see this coming at all.  But then Mark brings up some conspiracy talk because Brandon is guesting again and this leads to the discussion with Producer Bobby about Sandy Hook and many other things. Then the boys try to figure out what makes the Top 5 conspiracy theories of all time.  So who do you think made that list?  Find out on this new episode of the Q.

Mar 27, 2017

Nope, this is not a Vanilla Ice album from 1991...It's the newest episode of the Q. This week we welcome Brandon Travis a extreme sports junkie that is heavily into Base Jumping and Skydiving.  Brandon discusses his early days of getting into the extreme sports and what those first few times were like.  Also, he took a not so travelled route to base jumping and spills the beans on that.

The guys get into to talking about Trump and how he was unable to get the repeak of Obamacare done even though he had majorities in both the House and Senate.  Plus Mark breaks out a list of all the google shopping searches in the United States on a yearly basis and we find out that one state out there is huge into buying and looking for Borat Mankini's. Really??? Find out what state by listening to the show! 

Plus Brandon hits the Hotseat to answer random questions about his life. All this and much more on this episodic piece of political impact! 

Mar 20, 2017

Funny man Jonathan May joins Mark Bland and Jason on this episode of the Q.  Firs things first, Mark discusses how the bracket is looking for his March Madness picks. Next the guys get into Jonathan May and his past.  Jonathan talks about his time a Military police officer and dealing with suicides and other assorted issues that happened.

Next up, Mark and Jason get into discussing the newest Trump news including Kellyanne's newest statement on the state of microwave's in the US.  Also how being dismissive to Angela Merkel and not shaking her hand could have deeper implications as the US wades through the treacherous path of daily existence in the USA.  

Finally, throughout the show, Mark stops and asks Jonathan assorted questions about  growing up Black and the affects of White culture and black culture on him a as person.  Including asking him his opinion on the newest Mike Brown video that came out in the last couple weeks. 

Mar 13, 2017

It's been a few years since the Mike Brown/Ferguson incident and the family claimed that Mike would never rob a store.  But the only evidence that was ever presented was a security tape from the store the morning of the shooting.  It showed Mike manhandling a store owner/employee after he was told he couldn't have some cigarillos.  So everyone assumed, here is this thug that is trying to knock over a liquor store and that eventually lead to his death.

BUT NOT SO FAST EVERYONE....seems that the St. Louis County PD and Attorney knew of more video from that same store the the night before (technically in the early morning of the day of his death) where Mike Brown came in, made some sort of deal with the employees and then handed the exact same bag of cigarillos over to the employees for safe keeping....until the next morning when he shows back up for them.

Mark and Alex Elias discuss this need video in detail and discuss the ramifications if there are any new points of view to take from this.  They discuss the why and how of the case regarding this new info and if the rioting would have still happened or not.  

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