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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Aug 8, 2016

Producer Bobby is back and this episode is focused on the fact that THE DONALD (Trump) is not doing well in the polls.  Multiple polls have the controversial presidential candidate losing by 10-15 pts behind Hillary Clinton.  Mark and Bobby talk about the point spread and why it mirrors the actual vibe and feel of the USA currently. 

Also, Trump decided to be mean to a young mother this week and the two discuss whether he was in the right or wrong.  Find out where our to moderately focused hosts stand on this issue. 

Aug 1, 2016

Mark and guest Sean Vincent sit down and welcome him back to the Q!  Vincent is a professional wrestler from the STL area and jumps in to discuss politics and the Democratic National Convention.  Vincent gets to discussing his upbringing and how it has affected his adulthood and some of his views on it.

Also Sean discusses his recent Facebook live video that he hosted with a friend.  Sean decided to tackle the issue of race relations in the US and grabbed a good friend to sit down and talk about the issue in a very open manner.   Mark and Sean touch on some of these subjects and talk about their value in 2016

All this and much more on this Q!

Jul 25, 2016

Comedian and friend of the show Jake Ashlock stops by for the first time in almost 2 years.  Jake gets a special time to drop by since it is Republican National Convention time and we love talking politics on the Q.  First up is a situation where Melania Trump, the Donald's wife, decided to step on stage at the RNC and give a speech.  The only problem is that it wasn't completely her speech.  Pieces of the speech were ripped from Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech.  Of course this doesn't go over well with anyone because it seems that Donald, his party and their attitude is all about walking all over people, taking what they want and being generally dismissive and disrespectful people.  Mark and Jake discuss.  

Then the guy jump into Mark's past wrestling life to discuss a new lawsuit the WWE is being hit with by former wrestlers and employees claiming that the WWE allowed them to be put in harms way regarding CTE and other brain injuries. But whose really in the wrong here and whose being thrown under the bus?

Jul 19, 2016

Producer Bobby is back and the game sweeping the nation is Pokemon Go.  It has kids and adults tripping over themsleves all over the world to get to places to Catch them All.  But whats the hype and some crazy things have happened because of the game...we will discuss.

Also, more chaos in the streets of the USA where retalliation seems to be the dinenr for some.  Officers killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge on the heels of the two police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis.  Is it a Summer thing?  Mike Brown happened in Summer and now these happen in the summer too.  But don't people get shot at other times of the year.  Also, what is the end game for everyone in this situation.  We discuss and in depth about this and much more.


Jul 11, 2016

This episode deals with two types of problems in the world.  First up is the first world problem of Mark and Little Caesars.  Mark handles some marketing on the side for fireworks tents in the St. Louis area and had a great idea for a viral video.  Unfortunately, Little Caesars (the hopeful ally) didn't want to play along and their employee's made some very bad decisions when dealing with Mark tells guest Justin "Deyemofo" Deming the premise and you tell us if you side with Mark or Little Caesars in this.

And Second, its been a turbulent week in the US of A with police getting shot at and two men getting killed by police officers.  All of this re-ups the Black Lives Matters discussion that came about from good ole St. Louis, MO a few years back with the Mike Brown/Ferguson situation.  We discuss the new one.


Jul 4, 2016

Well the people of Britain and the UK spoke and decided to LEAVE the European Union.  They termed it "Brexit" and eveidently everyone in the USA immediately became a professional speaker on the topic.  The internet was inundated with opinions about Brexit and whether it was smart or not.  And everyone includes the guy at the Donut shop that makes donuts for a living, the guy that changes oil for a living and even the receptionist at the lawyers office became a expert in the situation.  This pissed off Mark again and he goes on a rant discussing Brexit, what it means for the US and well as his opinions on the people that do that.   But not to be outspoken alone, DJ BIG SNOW (aka...Prodcuer Bobby) joins to discuss and give his two cents. 

Jun 27, 2016

Well Andy Echele is back to discuss the gun issue in the USA and talk about how the shooting in Orlando has many facets that need to be focused on.  Should guns be legal or not? Where is the line between protection and constituional rights?  Do the rights in the Constitution from 200+ years ago even apply effectively to our day and age with assault weapons.  This and many other topics will be discussed on this episode of the Q.  Including how the wife knew it was going to happen and allowed it to happen at all.

Jun 21, 2016

On this episode Justing Deming returns to discuss a situation out of St. Louis where a guy purposely shot at his baby and baby mother cause he was mad. Then tried running them off the road and killing them as another concerned citizen tried driving the shot baby to a local hospital. Then two touch on the transgender bathroom issue and discussion in the US currently! All this and much more on the Q.

Jun 13, 2016

Pro-wrestler Shawn Soto and Comedian Anthony Rogers sit in on this episode of the Q.  Hillary has seemed to lock up the Democratic nomination and the guys discuss this in full.  When Mark goes to ask about political affiliation and who the two guys would vote for, the Libertarian comes out of Shawn and Anthony takes a much more valiant stance of "F--k them all".  After further discussion and pushing, Mark deems that Anthony might make a decent President and flushes out more of his edgy/controversial stances for the American people to fall in love with.  The guys also discuss the deaths of Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice.  Plus some overtime with a letter from the listeners.

*show features explicit content

Jun 6, 2016

What would you do if a wild animal got ahold of your child?  Would you panic, would you attempt to kill or sit by in shock.  Well a family in Cincinatti found out this week at the Zoo, when their child climbed over the protective cage and fell into the Gorilla Pit. Of course this created a whirlwind of controversy with animal rights people since the Gorilla had to be put down.  We discuss the FAKE OUTRAGE of people and their need to want to put an animals life over that of a child. Producer Bobby joins in to way in on the opinion himself.

May 31, 2016

Justin "Deyemofo" Deming joins the Q again to discuss Trump, Hillary, Bernie and how generalizations become a serious hinderance and accentuator of our current political climate. Mark discusses the new email issues for Hillary Clinton and the two men break down the true differences between conservatives and liberals. Plus a little tattoo talk to boot. 

May 17, 2016

Mark is joined by Producer Bobby to discuss the shallowness of society and its people in 2016.  Plus Mark talks to Bobby about a fan of the show tagging Bobby in an in appropriate tweet and how people should handle themselves on social media.

All this and much more! 

May 9, 2016

With a stressful week pushing everything back, Producer Bobby jumps in and brings life to the Q once again.  

First up, Mark and Bobby discuss the #1 selling college sports jersey of all time.  Who is it?  It could be anyone and thats where the show goes when Mark starts talking about NFL Draft day and discussing its value 10 years ago til now. 

Next up is Trump...Like Jon Stewart said before he left the Daily Show, "This man is a godsend to comedy in my last 6 weeks."  Well he continues to be the comedic god send to the Q.  This time around Trump decided to tweet out something "HISPANIC" for Cinco De Mayo.  He explained his Taco Bowls are the best at Trump Towers and then added on "I love Hispanics" as a catch all for their culture.  The same general hispanics he wants to forceably stop from coming into the USA with his Mexican wall. the guys discuss.

This eventually leads to a discussion about whether Trump would be a good president or not.  Also what it would look like to have him as President.  Would he be at the white house all the time, would he take more vacations than Obama...would he get all the things he promised finished before leaving office.  All this and much more is discussed on this episode of the Q!

May 2, 2016


It's always a pleasure when a new guest walks into the hallowedstudios for the Q show.  And this episode is special causeJordan/Sam Lacey joins the show to partake in manydiscussions!

First up we talk with Sam about his background in wrestling andwhat he does currently for a living. Sam discusses being a part ofthe Carpenters union and how the company he works for came to be. Mark asks about politics and Sam's position in regards towhere he stands in the world of it.

Mark then goes on a rant about doctors.  It starts with histrip to the ENT and being levied an extra bill over the top of whathe had already paid.  Marks argument is whats the point of aco-pay if there is always going to be more money needed to be paid? Also, the way this was charged out was ridiculous incomparison to what services he actually had.  Mark believes wehave a country of shysters and frauds that are going out of theirway to use medical billing as a back drop to gouge all of us. Markand Sam discuss this in a deep manner.

Then Mark does an extended "Hotseat" with Sam.  They talkabout Star Wars and wierd feelings and ofcourse the haunted scarytunnel from our childhoods that we all dealt with at one point oranother.  

All this and some OVERTIME too.  It's the Q, Real Radio, RealHonest!


Apr 25, 2016

On this Episode of the Q, Andy Echele comes back and discusses one of his oldest bits from 5 years ago when the two discuss the FIRE TAX some people pay in different cities across the country and what andy's view on that is.

Also, the US government decided to revamp some of their currency and their decision to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. They Replaced it with Harriet Tubman on the $20 and the world went into hissy fit mode.  Now all the conservatives are angry a former US President is being removed from the currency and they want answers.  Mark and Andy discuss whats going on and how it should be viewed.

Finally Mark and Andy get to Andy's favorite section of the show.  Letters from the Listeners gets some M & A treament as well as the two discuss Conor McGregor and how he is fighting for better payouts for the fighters, while at the same time creating the value for the biggest fight in the history of UFC at UFC 200.

All this and much more on the newest episode of the Q!

Apr 18, 2016

Producer Bobby and Mark Bland fly solo on this show.  Mark is having a week and it shows in the conversation with the on again/off again Producer Bobby.  First up Mark and Bobby discuss the biggest story in the USA currently which is Donald Trump explaining that it is alright for women to be punished for having an abortion.  Of course, this set off the entire country pitting liberals and conservatives that defend Trump at each others throats.  And it wasn't pretty at all.  Producer Bobby explains how he feels that Trump is technically right and Mark tries to hone in on what Bobby wants done to fix the issue.

Mark then decides to explain how ABC and other major networks could capitolize heavily on the crop of well known internet based/youtube based talents and their fanbases.  Mark was watching his daughter watch this guy that plays Minecraft to the tune of millions of fans and it got him thinking about all the other people on online that have huge fanbases and could benefit from and to major media conglomerates and their current power fanbases that exist.  

Finally, Mark and Bobby come across a new social media app called PEEPLE which touts itself as the "YELP for everyday people" . People would join the network and be able to rate people on their personal opinion of the people, just like you do on yelp for a restaurant.  Mark and Bobby delve into the dark underbelly of what this could mean and how it could go horribly wrong.  Plus they discuss what things the company who created is already doing to combat some of those consequesnces.

Apr 11, 2016

It's been a bit but Andy Echele, the former co-host of Absolute Wrestling Radio, brings his unique and direct brand of opinionation back to the Q.  And what a perfect time for it too.  Mark dusts off the old Tournament of Pop Culture and decides to break down the BEST DRUG MOVIE EVER for your listening enjoyment.  Of course the classics make the list like Goodfellas, Scarface and Cheech and Chong.....but are they good enough to outlast and win the best of all time?

But before all that fun starts, Mark has to rant!  Walmart has 50 check out lanes and Sams club has 20, but the number of checkers to lanes is not proportianate and sends Mark on a fuel rage because of the lack of common sense within the Walmart family in general.

Plus this past week, some secret documents got leaked out of Panama regarding the offshore accounts and assets of some of the worlds most power people.  This has sent the world into a small tizzy, costing the president of Iceland his job and definitely catching the ire of potentially the most dangerous man in the world, Vladamir Putin. Mark and Andy discuss the impact and the eventual fallout if any.  Plus Mark gives what he thinks is the US stance on all of this.


Apr 4, 2016

For the third time in our shows history, ED REGGI decides to bring all his flamboyant opinions and thoughts to the listeners of the Q.  Oh, but he is not the only blast from the past.  Matt Krueger joins in to mix it up with Mark and Ed.

First up, Matt breaks down his upcoming wedding and Ed lets us know whether he is a purveyor of the herbal spirits that some are into. This ofcourse leads into a talk about munchies and a to new soda's that Pepsi and Mountain Dew just introduced.  Matt buys both soda's to test live on the air and let us know what he thinks of each new take.  

Next Mark rants about some treatment he recently recieved from commenting on a FOX facebook post.  Its the video of a young woman claiming a Trump supporter grabbed her breats and then she hauls off and punched him right in the nose.  The rant is regarding the treat Mark recieved because of the starting point of the video.  Mark has a common rule to implement across the board for all people posting video from hear on out in social media....but thats when Matt gets to writing in his NOTEPAD of EVIL and starts questioning and attacking Mark.

Finally the guys discuss the current political climate and who the candidates might choose to be their VP.  This leads to a discussion of how Ed would like to see an overturn in the current political system and the most level playing field of all.  Matt talks about Ted Cruz being president potentially if the convention is contested and how that would plan out for everyone.

Also there is overtime where things get down and dirty for the webdownload of the show only and the guys answer some questions!

Mar 28, 2016

Well Vitaly has been in the country since December and its time for him and his wife to make that fateful trip back to the USSR here in a week.  But before he goes, Mark decides to bring him onto the show one more time to talk about Donald Trump, The Brussel's Attacks and the value of living in 2016.  But he forced us to have Proucer Bobby on the show too if he came on...begrudgingly we said OK.

First up is a fun filled rant from Mark.  Being a father and family man, Mark understands the value of a Family LockerRoom at a local pool.  Evidently the people at the new complex in a local STL municipality do not appreciate the value of said family sized things and spent all their money not making proper accomodations in Mark's opinion. 

Next up Mark discusses the Brussels Attack and how he feels that it might have been deterred if two things happen:

1. focus on why they are choosing these french speaking areas to attack

2. Start being more judgmental of the people in their country and start using a little profiling to tighten up the ranks.  Not negative stereotyping, but focusing on similarities that lead to dangerous situations.

Finally Mark, Bobby and Vitaly discuss the Donald Trump phenomenon and how our society in the USA kinda created this vitriolic rheotric and attitude.  Explaining why Trump seems to reasonate with the base of voters that love him.  And also discussing the potential for the convention to be contested.


Mar 21, 2016

Oh its the 255th ep. of the show and there are so many things going on, its impossible to figure them all out. 

First up, Marco Rubio has dropped out of the Primaries (for now) and is watiing till the convention comes along to see who walks out of the convention as the Republican nominee.  

Next up, St. Louis Comedian Jon Maddy joins to wax poetic about the STL comedy scene.  He and Mark discuss how actors like the Rock and Johhny Knoxville should be viewed within the world of Stand up comedy.  They also talk about Louis CK and others within the business and whether they have comedy writers working with them at this point to help them stay on top.

Next the guys breakdown how this election will go down and how there is need for the GOP to unify or else they will split the vote and walk Hillary right into the presidency. A lot of this is from the fact that people think Trump is polarizing and originally thought that Obama was the "most polarizing person of all time". Mark feels this stems from the super sensitive nature and emotional inability of many conservative voters in the country.   

Fianlly, Mark and Jon do the HOT SEAT for Jon and they do a little Over Time where they take on the famous Moral Dilemmas.

Mar 18, 2016

First we had Evan Gelistico and now his Tag Partner Pierre Abernathy decides to sit down with Mark Bland and discuss the world around us.

Pierre breaks down how he got into wrestling and the people that he met along the way.  Which eventually leads to his owning and running Anarchy Wrestling.  It definitely was not a easy transition for the wrestler whose been performing for 10+ years, but a necessary move that tested him in ways he didn't realize it would.  

‚ÄčThen Mark starts to discuss politics and the unbelievable staying power of Donald Trump.  Pierre jumps in and discusses his beliefs on the Donald and whether he thinks there is value to him as a President or not. This Leads Mark to beg people across the great nation to not support or vote for Donald Trump.

Next up Mark and Pierre tackle the controversy that is Hulk Hogans junk.  Well techinically it's not Terry's junk, cause he said that on the stand.  Hulk Hogan is embroiled in a sex tape trial and recently brought up his theory on his penis and who it belongs to or not.  Mark and Pierre ruin their childhoods through discussing this weird stance Mr. Bollea takes.

Finally Mark and Pierre discuss a little NBA basketball and Pierre makes a absolutely cruical mistake by choosing Michael Jordan as a better all around player than Lebron James.  This leads to a discussion of how he can assume this.  Also Pierre jumps on the HOT SEAT for a few questions and Evan Gelistico joins in Overtime while discussing Pierres unique Ghostbuster and TMNT movie/character theories.

Mar 7, 2016

DEYEMOFO is back on the show and ready to dive into all the heat that came out of the last show he was on two weeks ago.  First up, Mark decides to lead off with some hate mail because....well because he gets a ton of it! This letter chastizes him AGAIN for the SCOTUS discussion a few weeks back and that leads right into the first topic being the Super Tuesday Primary results.

Mark wasn't paying attention to the winners...nope. He was paying attention to something else much more important that will have impact on the main election in November. You must listen to find out what was so glaring and potentially problematic for one of the political parties involved.

Then a video hit the social media and media of STL that has taken the Black Live Matter movement off their feet a bit.  Protestors took to the streets in the racial hot bed of St. Louis, MO because of a claim that a police officer held a gun on a child.  Of course this lead to people up in arms because of racial inequality and police mistreatment of citizens....BUT....that wasn't the case at all.  Police camera footage shows that it didn't happen at all and was a made up attempt to stir the pot in STL.  It worked, but backfired and Mark and Justin discuss their views on how this affects the movement in general. 

This leads to a discussion where Mark once again defends the fact that Stereotypes come in all shapes and sizes...and they aren't always negative and can be very influential in specific situations. This comes on the heels of a Triumph the Insult dog video circulating the interwebz with students who need "safe spaces" in New Hampshire.

So much to hear and so little time! 

Feb 29, 2016

Producer Bobby makes his return to catch up and discuss all that is right and wrong with the world.  Mark is immediately set to making the record straight regarding some things he said in the previous show because many angry conservatives (its always just angry conservatives) were mad he didn't detail the SCOTUS situation regarding the 2000 election out enough for their liking.  Not that what he said was incorrect, it just seemed incorrect without the extra detailing...yet Mark is an honorable person so he brings it to the table to discuss and apologize.

Then TRIFORCE JOHNSON is back to talk ESports and a sort of revolution taking place currently. Triforce discusses the current situation with players and teams getting tons of money thrown into a major mainstream video gaming attempt to take Esports and make it a major player in the sports world.  This comes on the heels of the #1 Street Fighter player in the world taking a a hardcore loss to a rapper by the name of Lupe Fiasco.  Fiasco winning the match he shouldn't have won has TriForce taken aback quite a bit and OPENL CHALLENGES LUPE FIASCO to Street Fighter match! Also he talks about Daigo and what he thinks happened in that match.

All this and OVERTIME available on this episode of the Q. 

Feb 22, 2016

Antonin Scalia has passed away and the candidates and the conservatives are just besides themselves with fury and anger over Obama possibly appointing a successor.

Mark is joined on the jaunt to discuss this issue with none other than former Q co-host and visitor Justin Deming!  Justin also has a couple choice words for the conservatives of america that have decided to become a obstacle for the Leader of the Free World. Mark and Justin discuss the death, the conspiracies and finally the layout of what this means.  Remember the 2000 Election and the need for the Supreme Court to step in and decide that Bush would be the president?  Well that couldn't happen this year and the Republican Senate leaders have gone out of their way to explain that they will not allow Barack Obama to do the job he was elected for and pick a new replacement for Scalia.  

This is a politics heavy episode as we are starting to see the primaries shake out and now with the successor needing to be chosen, this episode of the Q is very important for you to listen to. 

Feb 15, 2016

Do you know Evan Gelistico?  Well get to know him on this episode of the Q.  Evan is a pro-wrestler and pop culture afficianado that decided to jump on the show to talk with Mark.  

First up, Evan discusses his early days learning to be a pro-wrestler and wrestling in trailer parks and inclimate weather to perfect his abilities. Evan jumps through tons of stories about his early days and some of his influences in the business.  Next Mark opens up a can of worms and starts to get into talking about Deadpool and other comic book movies that he's seen.  This leads to further discussion about comic superheroes and who Mark "thinks" is the toughest and best....of course Evan is there to correct him! 

Next up the pair talk about the New Hampshire Primaries and how well Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump did in their stumping.  Evan talks about some of his political beliefs and other assorted feelings with regards to that realm of life.

Finally there is overtime and things get deep, personal and the two touch on the MEDIOCRE seat (instead of Hot Seat!)....all this and much more on this episode of the Q.

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