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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Nov 2, 2015

Producer Bobby comes back for a spell to discuss the lack of professional courtesy the Q was shown recently regarding a PR company in the St. Louis Area. Mark and Bobby talk about how many giveaways the Q has done to benefit the fans of the show and how they have never been treated as disrespectfully as they were recently with a "haunted house" in STL.

Then they switch gears to discuss a female student in South Carolina that was asked to leave a classroom by a school security officer and she refused. So the officer took things into his own hands and forcibly removed her from the classroom.  This set off a nationwide debate again regarding the treatment of people by law enforcement, which sends the STL guys back into a discussion on Ferguson and Mark's theory on how to handle the police. 

Finally Mark and bobby handle a letter from a listener about someone whose ex has a terrible disease is constantly being promiscuous when they shouldn't be.

Oct 19, 2015

Dj Gelner a well known STL lawyer/author jumps back on to the show to break down the arrogance and attitude of bicycle riders.  Their constant need to cut people off, tell you that you are #1 and many other things that get under the skin of both Mark and DJ. This also leads to a discussion about people with the "Please Watch for Motorcycles" stickers on the back of their cars.  All of them tend to have attitude that is misplaced especially considering the show down between a 2500 lb car and a 30 lbs bike.

Next up Mark and DJ break down the Democratic debate and talk about some of the highlights...but this brings Mark around to talk with DJ about who he's backing in the election and of course The Donald comes up.  Mark takes it to DJ about Trump and why republicans tend to favor this man.  DJ brings up Obama and some of his decisions versus the type that Trump could make.  Will it be better for nation? Is Trump a worthy candidate and someone that deserves a solid viable look when it comes election time? All this and more is answered on the newest episode of the Q. 

Finally we definitely do some Overtime and welcome our most direct and eye opening Letter from a Listener in quite sometime.  Listen in and figure out how you would answer.




Oct 12, 2015

Gareth Cliff is first up on this episode of the show. Gareth Cliff is a South African radio DJ at his own Cliff Central Network. He currently presents the early morning weekday show on Cliff Central. Cliff started his radio career at Radio TUKS. He then moved on to Radio 702 as a producer for a year before taking a DJ spot. Cliff has been a judge on the television show South African Idols since 2003.  Cliff sits down with Mark to discuss the way Africa is viewed on the worldwide stage and how he feels they as a country should be viewed.  He also gives his opinion on the United States and discusses his career and being the judge of one of the original 4 offshoots of Simon Cowells Idol shows.

Then Kevin Harvell is welcomed back to the Q to discuss his new show called "Whose Who in the Lou". Kevin explains why he decided to start the show and his plans from there.  Kevin Also discusses some of this situation with a Priest that went on records and BLAMED THE VICTIMS AND CHILDREN for alluring the men of the cloth into having sex with them. Of course, Mark and Kevin won't stand for this at all and discuss the world these people live in.  Also, Mark and Kevin touch on the Oregon College Shooter and discuss where we are as a society.

Oct 5, 2015

On this episode of the Q, Producer Bobby begins his sabbatical so Mark has to dig deep and bring back Justin Deming (@deyemofo) and Andy Echele to resume hosting duties while the producer is away.

This is an interesting mix because Mark immediately takes ire with something that Andy and another social friend posted regarding POTUS and misinformation.  Andy being the Former military guy has an issue with Barack Obama not properly saluting marines as he disembarks from Marine 1.  Mark and Justin then dig deeper and the discussion goes past the video and into how good of a job POTUS has been doing the past 7 years.  Ofcourse everyone has a say and no one is backing down which makes this a intense half hour you don't want to miss.

Then the guys get back on format and talk about a school that refused an inhaler to a choking student simply cause they didn't know it had been prescribed and the school has a protocol to adhere to. Then its on to Edward Snowden whose in the news again cause he joined twitter and immediately started right back up influencing people via his new page.  This pisses Mark off cause he believes that Snowden doesn't deserve popularity for what he did.  

All this and Overtime where we discuss Retro Gaming! If you like video games and talking about old NES, the the Overtime is what you want to listen to.

Sep 28, 2015

So theres a guy named Martin Shkreli and he owns a company named Turing Pharmaceuticals. They have a drug called Daraprim used for HIV and he proudly announced this week that he raised the price from $13 a pill to $750 a pill like it was a great thing to do!  Well this pill has a serious group of users that have HIV and the world went into a tizzy cause Martin is proving why being a conservative greedy CEO of company is not cool.  Mark and Bobby discuss this.

Then Mark and Producer Bobby go down a unique path as Mark talks about how we are just not happy with the Status quo anymore, yet we don't come up with anything more ingenius than the status quo.  They discuss how Lays potato chips are constantly trying to change the game with new weird flavors and there is nothing wrong with normal old Sour cream and Onion, Cheddar, BBQ and regular potato chips. Where do you stand?  Do you like the 900 varieties or were you fine and life worked well with the orignal 5-7 that already existed.  See where this goes on this episode of the Q. 

Sep 21, 2015

For 5 years, Mark has been calling out 97.1 FM News host Jamie Allman to come with some balls and discuss politics and current affairs face to face with him.... Jamie Allman finally sits down with Mark and Producer Bobby to discuss the lead up to this battle of ideals, a little about making clocks and getting arrested and some discussion on Guns/policy.  There literally is so much going on here it is difficult to list the high points out. But find out if Mark and Jamie bury the hatchet or fight like Cats and Dogs on this weeks episode of the Q!

Sep 15, 2015

On this episode of the show, Producer Bobby and Mark setup the explanation and story for the next Episode of the Q and the interview with STL radio host Jamie Allman.  Bland has been calling out Mr. Allman since 2010 in a multitude of locations and the hundreds of call outs fell on deaf ears.  Until a person Mark went to High School with corners Allman and he accepts Mark's call outs 5 years later.  Now Mark gives the backstory to how this all came about.

Plus Kim Davis is Back in the news because of the rock group Survivor deciding to hold it against her that she used the song "Eye of the Tiger" in her jail release Speech. After years and years of Mark working in the music business, he has a unique and somewhat controversial stance in comparison to his counterparts in the industry.

Finally, Last July, an 18-year-old Massachusetts man named Conrad Roy III killed himself by placing a gas-powered water pump in his pickup truck and letting the carbon monoxide consume him. Prosecutors say that Roy’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Michelle Carter, spent months convincing Roy to commit suicide, and text messages between the two entered in court make a compelling and sad case that she did. The guys break down the case and discuss the value of people in 2015 and what would make someone go down this horrible path.

All this an much more on the Q.  Taking talk radio and turning it up to 11!

Sep 9, 2015

Producer Bobby is off for the week, so what was a three-way turns into a two way but that other member is a doozy.  Andy Echele, former co-host, joins the show to talk with Mark about whats been up in his life.  

This leads to Mark and Andy breaking down the St. Louis area for the people listening around the country and throughout the world.  Mark brings up the fact that STL people tend to be riddled with bad attitude and the guys try to figure out where this attitude comes from. Is it upbringing? Maybe? Is it the water? Maybe?  

Then the two tackle a special story out of the STL area about a mother and father sticking up for their kid at a local pulling a gun.  Mark poses this to Andy to find out who was in the wrong in his mind.  Was the mother being overly protective or just out right lawless?  

Finally, the discussion turns to Kim Davis. Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Court clerk who has persistently refused to issue gay marriage licenses, has asked the Supreme Court to hear her case. Mark and Andy break down the ill will she is throwing out there and figure if she is a worthless idiot or making a strong case for others.  This in a weird way leads to a discussion about Motorcycle Riding clubs and their backgrounds, as well as their ranking system amongst each other.

In Overtime, Andy brings up Umar Lee and his mild dislike for people within the STL community in the past year taking sides on racial inequality. They discuss the value of racial inequality in the area and a recent story regarding neighbors not getting along because of loud dogs (go figure in STL).

Aug 30, 2015

Crazy, crazy, crazy world we live in when a person decides through their racist manifesto to go and kill a news anchor and cameraman live on TV.  All because he felt that a race war needed to start in the US and he was going to be on the forefront of that and a catalyst for it. 

Bryce Williams was told in 2012 to seek counseling or risk losing his job at WDBJ-7, according to internal memos from his personnel file.  Williams, real name Vester Flanagan II, was fired from the station in early 2013 after getting one final warning about his aggressive behavior toward colleagues. On Wednesday morning, he opened fire on reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, two of the people he apparently blamed for his dismissal, killing both of them. He fatally shot himself hours later, after fleeing from the police. 

Mark, Producer Bobby and their guest Matt Krueger decide to talk about the value of social media being used in murders in 2015.  Is this the first real attempt capitolize on social media for showcasing blame? What has been the ramping up of this?  Did Ferguson and the Boston bombing open this door further and Vester just kicked it in hard?  All these things will be discussed in detail.

But before that, Krueger has decided that his life was a mess and that his attitude was a real problem.  So he has come to an epiphany of why this was the case, but it doesn't sit well with Mark because Mark claims to have been telling him all these things for years and years prior to this new knowledge...can the guys get to a middle ground in regards to life...find out on this next episode of the Q.


Aug 23, 2015

After a hiatus to better their lives and take a few week vacation, Mark and Bobby are back with author Matt Murphy to discuss Matt's upbringing in trailer parks and foster homes in North Eastern Missouri. 

Next, Mark announces a huge opportunity for the Q as they have been tapped to broadcast throughout South Africa on . Bobby takes to this news to heart and decides he wants to start speaking in the native tongues of South Africa.

Next up is the topic of this week.  NFL player James Harrison decided that he was going to give back his kids participation trophies from their local sport teams.  Kurt Warner, former STL Ram, also supports James thoughts on this decision too.  This brings us to the Q and who would accept a participation trophy or not.  Mark and Bobby get into a heated discussion because Mark refuses to just throw every parent that has no issues with Participation trophies under a bus. 

Finally there is Overtime, where a man with a donut fetish writes into the show to get good advice on whether he should seek the help of a doctor or let the Doctors of Love on the Q give him sound advice.




Aug 1, 2015

What a busy week in news! Paul Huddleston the St. Louis radio veteran joins us again for a discussion on the big story of the week.  Evidently a dentist named Walter is an avid hunting fan of big game.  So he paid some hunting guides to take him to Zimbabwe and help him hunt a lion. Well, thats where things go sideways because the lion that eventually gets killed is named Cecil and he's super protected and well known.  So of course this opens up the ethical premise of hunting internationally so Mark, Producer Bobby and Paul Dsicuss.

Next up, the wierd controvesy of the week happens to be a fabricated and spliced video of Planned Parenthood attempting to sell fetuses on the black market. Well that wasn't the total truth and once the full video comes out, it becomes fodder for Mark to go on to one of his rants about the consevrative movement and their need to spin things.  This becomes a point for Mark to discuss with Paul and Bobby about their feelings on the stories and everything they touch.


Finally the guys are presented with some really interesting letters from the listeners that lead to everyone divulging some of their thoughts on polygamy and mutiple partners. A hell of a way to end the show!

Jul 24, 2015

The Q is a worldwide leader in opinionated talk/discussion and it is proven again when we welcome a fan of the show and guest from Russia, Vitaly (and his wife) to the show to discuss the differences in Russia and the USA.  Vitaly is quite timid at first hoping to not sway the boat and say anything that might make Putin hate him....but before you know it, he calms down and spits that beautiful Russian Language. 

And there is irregularity afoot when Mark walks in on Bobby doing food prep for his Rollin Around Egg Rolls and realizes that he puts onions in the Chicken Teryaki??? No one puts onions in Chicken Teriyaki except Producer Bobby!  This becomes a running theme on the show as Mark asks Vitaly to back him up....but it doesn't go well.

Finally, its been a while, but the guys are ready for the next Tournament of Pop Culture.  This time around they break down 32 GUY MOVIES to find the absolute best Guy movie of all time.  Could it br Rocky, Predator, Goonies, Godfather or one of the others...we don't know, but we guarantee if you listen you won't turn it off as you see why the tournament breaks down the way it does. Eventually the guys crown the best guy movie and its a weird twist!

Jul 19, 2015

A much welcome surprise joins the Q today when Deyemofo (Justin Deming) decides to show up and play radio host with us.  And what a great show to be a part much in store!

First up is Nick Bryant joining us to discuss his co-authored book, Confessions of a DC Madam. His Co-Author Henry Vinson was the head of high powered and connected gay liason service which was the front for the government to get info to blakcmail people. In the book many notable individuals play a part in this cover-up and amazing story.  Mark and Justin throw Nick for a loop when Mark brings up he doesn't feel there is value in blackmailing people with the homosexual card anymore....this leads to discussion about the value of people and power players in 2015 Washington DC.

Then our periscope becomes more offline than online when Sally Periscope calls in to discuss our opinions on the Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential situation as it lines up today. Mark explains just how out of touch the caller is with their belief that Trump will win the nomination and how disconnected the conservative people are to understanding the general malaise of the country at this point.

Finally the guys tackle pro sports and discuss the fact that the Cardinals got booed at the AllStar Game and that Pete Rose was given then good ole welcome back to the fold by MLB.  All in all a very entertaining show and you will be happy you listened.

Jul 13, 2015

For the first time in a while, HD Reeves steps back into the fold and onto the Q as our esteemed guest.  The comedian brings his strong wit and comedy but he ain't prepared for the ranting that Mark goes on. And all done live once again for the Periscope on Twitter an worldwide.

Mark recieves a letter from someone chastizing him for talking about his Twitter verification and how he thinks he's "Hot Sh-t" now talking about it on the radio show.  Mark decides to put everyone on point with the help of Producer Bobby and HD, and he lets the masses know that he is better than them (he kids...or does he).  And, this individual who calls Mark out is a Podcaster....not a broadcaster, which just opens back up that can of worms that has been discussed on the show before.

Next up, Mark decides to broach the subject of body odor with two heavy set males and discuss the finer points of grooming when you are a bigger person. This leads to the national story of Jared Fogle of Subway Sandwich fame getting his house raided by FBI on the heals of a potential child pornography charge.   The guys discuss the seriousness of the charges and whether they believe that Jared could do it at all. HD is merciless in his attack of the subway spokesman.

Finally, HD came in with questions. On the backside of recent stories in the media about flags and racial tension, HD wants to know where Mark and Bobby stand on the issues and give his two cents about them too.  Mark brings up his grief poaching argument and the need for minorities to gravitate towards making a bigger deal out of past transgressions than the people that were affected in past did.

All this and much much more on this episode of the Q!  

Jul 2, 2015

Well Justin Deyemofo Deming makes his long return to the Q and graces us with his witty charm and neverending puns.  Plus the show is being broadcast on Periscope.

Mark and Bobby start off discussing Donald Trumps recent comments about minorities and Mexicans. This prompted Univision and NBC to cut ties with the mouthy republican presidential candidate and the guys discuss if this was a good idea for those compaines to do that.  But then everything goes to hell live on the show when Bobby is unprepared for techincal difficulties and things stop working correctly.

Then Mark and Bobby discuss 4th of July and the Q sponsor Crazy Cheap Fireworks.  They both get nostalgic talking about their favorite fireworks to shoot off and then the man that everyone loves entered the room....Deyemofo!

Justin comes back on for the forst time since the 200th episode to vent about conservatives that hate gay marriage and to let everyone know he hates the confederate flag.  Then Bobby decides to pull a card that hasn't been pulled in months on the show and goes for a atheism discussion.  The guys decide the value of atheism versus other belief systems and Bobby tangles toe to toe with Justin on how Atheism and Religion have similar principles.

Finally, Justin is thrown on the Kenny Kind HotSeat to discuss his soon to be departure from the St. Louis area for his new home in one of the Original 13 Colonies (Eg. Rhode Island).  He talks about what he's going to miss and what he looks forward to in his new chapter of life.  But not before he makes Mark discuss his recent FIRING from Dyanmo Pro Wrestling as Executive director.

Jun 29, 2015

The South shall rise again....oops....not so fast...sit down.   The country is buzzing with news discussing a shooting in a South Carolina church where 9 people are murdered, but the focus quickly changes when pics of the shooter with Confederate flags shows up in his social media.  Immediately the country starts in on the age old discussion of the Civil War, the inherent racism of that time period and the flag that represented those ideals.  Mark and Bobby focus on the value of the arguement being made and look into the back ground of the shooter who claimed his decision was based in race, giving more creedence to the Confederate Flag talk.

Then the guys switch up a little and start talking about the effect of the confederate decision on multiple businesses, Including Nascar.  This swtiches to a group of people that are definitely not happy Nascar and drivers like Dale Ernhardt Jr. are against the confederate flag.  They take to social media to voice their opinion and Mark decides to promote and discuss some of their great and bigoted comments live on the show.

Finally Mark and Bobby decide to play the parts of the South and the North discussing the potential for Seccession from the Union and how they think it went down.  Sit back and enjoy as these two rewrite history for a moment.


Jun 22, 2015

On this Episode of the show, Mark has amazing news. He has been verified on Twitter which legitimizes him as a popular and credible inividual in society. Its a difficult thing to achieve but he woke up one morning and evidently enough people know him nationally to give him the checkmark.  Producer Bobby eventually becomes dismayed by the promoting of the verification and takes shots at this is a side note on the show...

First up, Bellator fighter and UFC legend, Tito Ortiz joins the show to promote the upcoming Bellator show, but when the convo starts dwindling early, Mark calls for an audible to the surprise of Bobby and Ortiz and it gets the interview and disucssion back on track in a positive format!

Then the guys are joined by Taylor Hay, the running back for the all women professional football team called the St. Louis Slam!  They are on their way to the playoffs for 2015, but Taylor takes a couple minutes to jump in with Mark and Bobby and discuss her upbringing, her love of football and to discuss where she gets a little of her slang pronounciation from.  

Finally, Rachel Dolezal is a household name now due to the situation of her claiming to have balck parents and upbringing when she didn't.  Mark and Bobby tackle this issue and discuss all the viewpoints and thoughts that have been bantered about for the past week. 

Jun 15, 2015

First up, Kevin Harvell of STL Tech Talk and Tech Informist joins the show to discuss tech and phones and Producer Bobby's love of hating the iPhone (errr wait....yep thats sort of correct).  But he also jumps in to give his opinion on the big story out of McKinney, Texas (Dallas) where a pool party goes awry and the police are called in.  All of which is fine as long as you are not one specific cop and his Lethal Weapon-esque style all caught on camera.  The guys discuss the implications and the racial inequality discussion that came out after the fact.

Then we switch gears and talk with Gerogia Page calling in from Australia.  Georgia put on the black and gold for Lindenwood Unversity (Mark's Alma Mater) and played Womens Rugby....which eventually led to her showing how dominate and tough she is through ESPN replaying her clip over and over in their Top Ten plays. Georgia takes a massive hit and keeps on trucking.  We talk with her about the sport of womens rugby and Vegemite.

Finally Mark goes all in discussing soccer in the midwest and specifically the attitude of fans in 2015 with regard to soccer in the US.  This brings up the attempts by some to bring Soccer back to prominence in the STL and Mark hits them all with a strong dose of reality only he can deliver.

Jun 8, 2015

Mark doesn't go to too many St. Louis Cardinals games at all.  But he usually enjoys himself whenever the opportunity presents itself.  That is until this latest time.  Mark explains how his simple decision to grab a hot dog turned into missing an inning and a half of a game, and waste 25 minutes of his life.  This also leads to Producer Bobby explaining his backgroudn from working with the organization and dropping knowledge about special food tickets that exist.

Then the two discuss the story about Chris Long and his Rams teammate deciding to go undercover for ESPN as homeless people for a couple days. It really is an eye opening situation and makes these two pro athletes change their tune quickly. SPOILER ALERT, they do something....and Producer Bobby explains it in the show.

Finally its out in the open.  Bruce Jenner has become Caitlyn Jenner and our fine host don't even care.  Mark is pissed that so many people care at all and keep discussing it and arguing about it.  And of course we found ANOTHER moron that claims tea party and conservatism as they try to fight the laws of our land while exercising their freedoms in an AIRPORT while carrying a loaded AR-15 around in the terminal. Needless to say it didn't go well and he took his verbal lashings but these decisions are becoming harmful to our culture.


Jun 1, 2015

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity....what do these people all have in common?  Well according to this weeks episode they are all hardcore BlowHards. Mark Bland gets back to his moderate/liberal roots on this episode of the show by taking Limbaugh and his co-horts to task for attacking liberals and claiming they are siding with islam and extremists against the USA.  The statement holds no merit and Mark and Bobby (who somewhat agrees with Limbaugh) discuss the value of what is being said and the people themselves stating it. 

Also, Marks been holding on to a few letters from the listeners due to recent topics on the show.  So he decides to get some out of the mail bag and the two hosts dig deep to help some deserving listeners with their personal and private issues.  

Short episode, but still worth the price of admission.  It's THE Q....Real Radio Real Honest!

May 24, 2015

Its edging on Memorial Day 2015 and Mark/Bobby decide to lighten up on the politics for a bit.  Not much really going on in it and Mark gets side tracked when Producer Bobby starts to break down his family tree and teach Mark about his heritage.  Bobby hasn't had the easiest life as Mark and everyone will come to find out.  And all of this because he explained he had a birthday party for his daughter that Mark and his family were in attendance at. 

Then Mark decides to breakdown his own personal car story that he has been dealing with for the past week.  Mark bought a part, thought he didn't need it and then ended up needing more.  Typical trial and error type car fix that goes awry fast.  Of course this brings up some famour car stories from Bobby and Mark, including some stuff with lemon laws.

Finally one of our co-hosts made a decision regarding his career and it bring about some discussion of things Mark and Bobby gave up when they were forced too.  Basically unpleasant decisions and how they affected their lives. 

May 18, 2015

Audio issues aside, we are rolling forward with the Q each week! On this epsiode of the show, Mark and Producer Bobby discuss the current situation of the shows syndication and why they are having problems finding a new home in STL. 

From there the two radio veterans delve into the idea behind the United States and the education system as it stands after a story about a college student suing the school cause her testing situation was a little her opinion.  This of course leads to a much deeper discussion about schooling and standardized testing.  Whay are so many other countries ahead of us.

Then a story about an oil company out of control as they try to sweeten land deals with teen prostitutes.  Multiple times! Eventually the topic turns to the skyline of major cities in the United States and why other countries have some amazing city skylines and how we are behind the times in so many things in the USA. 


Finally DUBSMASH is the new app everyone is infatuated with and Bobby is becoming a Dub smash superstar.  After that discussion, the two sit down for a game called most awesomest thing in the universe...its a website that compares two things and you decide which is more awesome.  Find out the matchups and play along at home to find out what wins! 


May 11, 2015

Ever been in a fight?  Ever thought, hey I could do this and win this fight?  Well that's exactly what happened when an off duty police officer got into a back alley fight with another guy and decided to get a mouth full.  This story leads to a huge discussion between Mark and Producer Bobby about what is and is not fair in a fight between men.  Which side will you stand on in this discussion.

Next the two host didn't get a chance to explain out their experience at this years Roller Coaster Race.  So Mark and Bobby talk about the return of the Polar Vortex Dan Walsh as well as some unique aspects of the event itself.  Mark just can't understand how two people running can hear each other through their music and headphones, but refused/couldn't hear Mark asking them rudimentary questions while they were running.  This plus all the fun stories of the event.

Finally Mark and Bobby go back to the topic of technology and how it can help people in 2015.  The discussion is based off what Mark and Bobby would do as CO-PRESIDENTS of the USA.  Find out all the fun things they would implement as the leaders of the free world and how far they would go to make your living experience in the USA the best it possibly could be! 

Plus....Dorian Johnson, the Ferguson Police department and many other topics.


(we know the audio in the first 23 minutes is bad, its passable but everything after that sounds please bare with us on the show)

May 4, 2015

It's been a wild week in the world and Mark and Bobby are here to break it all down as best they can for you. 

First off, if you didn't notice the city of Baltimore is going nuts and rioting over the death of Freddie Grey, a young man that had his neck broke and spine fractured by police as he was being arrested.  The Mayor of the city if saying things on tape and then turning around and stating it didn't happen...but it did.  Plus you have people starting fires and mothers beating their kids butts on national TV trying to stop them from rioting.  It is an amazing thing to watch and Mark & Bobby put their opinions out there about the entire fiasco and where they see it going from here.

Next it seems someone is always trying to kill off the status quo and car companies are no different. The Big Boys have decided to envoke DMCA rules cause your car has a computer and Bobby thinks this is ridiculous.  Mark plays devils advocate (as only he can) and discusses if making it illegal to tinker/work on your car will fly in the long run.

Finally, Mark has a letter from a listen but not before he plays a game of Sex Statistics he found earlier on the interwebz. It gets deep and interesting as Bobby is grilled about the average times Women have had sex in their lives vs. Men...and many other questions.  Play along as you listen and see where you sex knowledge lies.

Apr 27, 2015

We as a society need to stop creating moments of hostility so we can soapbox in public for no reason other than our own voices.  Well this is the main topic of the newest epsiode of the Q.  In California, there was a situation going down and out of nowhere a lady starts filing the police and yelling at them for doing their job.  Of course this leads to cumbaya songs and everyone happy.....right?  WRONG! It leads to a phone being confiscated and destroyed, so we will discuss this further on the show.

Also, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are set to wage battle the first weekend of May in Las Vegas, but during his ramp up for the fight, Floyd claimed that he is equal to or better than Muhammad Ali.  This of course takes everyone but Mark by surprise and the two discuss the virtues of Floyd and whether his background and merits have earned him the ability to make that statement.

Finally, its been a while and Bobby has upped his game as the two bring back the hot game of GAME ON/ GAME OFF.  Both Mark and Bobby bring a couple APPS/Websites to get you familiar with and then Mark goes for the jugular singling out a section of society that tends to wear a specific look as if it is still cool.  

All this and much more on this episode of the Q. Real Radio, Real Honest! 

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