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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Sep 23, 2020

The show starts off with a bang when Producer Bobby comes out of nowhere to come back to the show and have some fun with Gary Weed and Mark Bland.

First up, Mark discusses tacos and their taste with both gentlemen when Gary starts to promote a local Mexican restaurant and Mark has to correct him. Some places are just better than others and it is subjective...but good is good. 

Next the guys discuss Whats been going on with Trump and the administration. Mark explains that it's not about politics anymore. It's about attitudes and just being a A-hole if you are calling yourself a republican. And they are being that way, which is why it was brought up. Mark has talked up staereotypes on the show before and in this case he tries to bring the topic to a head with both guests.

This leads to a discussion about the new book called RAGE from Bob Woodward. Trump announces he didn't care about the pandemic and played it down, tried not to let it out. An interesting discussion, to say the least, follows this topic.

Finally a little discussion about St. Louis County (where the show hales from) and their decision to not allow Fall Sports to happen and most schools are in virtual learning. Are you happy about this and being safe...or are you against it like most STL people and just don't care about your safety or others. Once again the proximity argument arises and the guys figure it out. 

Sep 9, 2020

We are back in the saddle and taking a harder look at the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention take-aways....

Joining us on this fun adventure is none other than Gary Weed, who makes his return after a few weeks. And then later we turn to a discussion about ARCH DEV OPS and one of their founders named Michael Fritzius aka Fritz! 

First up Mark and Gary break down relationships and how people should end them with each other. Both gentlemen have been dealing with people who are getting broken up during coronavirus and this goes into a bigger discussion of what is the proper way to break up when you're older. Or anytime for that matter.

Next, Mark and Gary breakdown and discuss the RNC and DNC conventions independently. This leads into a discussion about the midwest and what different sections of the country are depending on where you live and how you view them. This of course runs down the path of voting and Mark and Gary start talking about the election itself and how it should be handled in 2020.

Finally Gary is back into his I LOVE THE XFL and anything MARK SAYS is just WRONG! Well Mark and Gary discuss the XFL and it's new owner but more importantly mark calling that the XFL reboot would fail (doesn't matter how, because other sports are still going).

Next up is Michael Fritzius and he comes by to discuss his company Arch Dev Ops and the kind of things that they are involved with and how they can help businesses during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Mark asks Fritz about the Kenosha Killer named Kyle Rittenhouse and then explains the entire story to Fritz who is none the wiser. This is because Fritz is a self admitted NERD. So Mark had to investigate.

Mark and Fritz start talking about Nerd things and his homelife. Mark wants to break down what Fritz is working with and starts discussing his children and his relationship with his wife. 

Finally the guys nerd out and Mark puts Fritz through the Hot Seat and allows his inner nerd to join with Fritz as they argue and discuss Buck Rogers, Mark meeting a Dr. Who and Fritz's favorite TV shows and movies. 

So worth the wait. 

Aug 28, 2020

Things are getting edgy. People are on edge. Trump and the republicans choose to keep ignoring the Black Live Matter people and eventually someone gonna have to draw a line and play the "don't step over that line or else game". 

Trump feels protected by the military, but BLM is deeper than some punk kids causing issues on the street and the liberals are gonna have to stand up to this man and his promoting of LEO in the face of what is happening in the country.

Jonathan May joins us on this show to discuss the Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse situations. Jacob Blake was shot in the back by Kenosha police after they were called to a disturbance that Blake was involved with in Kenosha Wisconsin.  Jonathan and Mark discuss the situation and surrounding reasons. 

This leads to the discussion about Kyle Rittenhouse. A 17 yr old boy that drove with an AR-15 to Kenosha where people are protesting the Blake shooting. When he arrives he links up with people he knew from a FACEBOOK group and they were there to Protect the people and businesses. It was his "job" he told someone before the shooting started.  Rittenhouse then gets into his own melee with people where he shoots and kills 2 people and wounds another one badly. 

Conservatives have been GLEEFUL with Rittenhouse and have claimed Self Defense. He was arrested for Intentional Homicide which is not "self defense". 

Mark and Jonathan discuss all of this in glorious detail on this new episode of The Q!

(understand this was recorded before other pieces of info came out so the guys went with what they knew at the time)

Aug 19, 2020

KAMALA HARRIS. She is the pick for the VP slot of Joe Biden's campaign. She is educated and smart. Sticks by her guns and easy on the eyes. But is she who the Liberal's should have focused on. 

Well welcome to this episode of the Q. Joining to discuss the Kamala Harris decision is none other than Jason Kull our resident hardcore liberal and definitely not a Trump guy. But also joining the show is a young man and professional disc golfer named Michael Sherman who came through to discuss video games and an event he has coming up. 

But first the guys touch on Michael and Mark's relationship and how they became connected. This leads to some fun discussion about a recent Twitter thing that Mark had to deal with (1000 times a day).  But then comes the real fun. Mark and Jason break down the Trump situation and the Biden situation. Who is good and who is bad. What is important and what's just not important. Sit back and enjoy as you find out if Kamala Harris helps or hurts Joe Biden.

Next Michael Sherman and the guys dive in head first to the world of video games. Michael plays a fun game called VALORANT online and they have a huge Labor Day weekend tournament coming up. They are trying to put together a league of people that like the game and their first major Scuffed Streamer Series is happening August 28-29. Each streamer gets 4 viewers to sit beside them as they play and showcase their talents and why they are the best VALORANT competitor in the world. 

This leads to a discussion about the video game industry currently and the people that have become ROCKSTARS online for their streaming efforts. The guys discuss Dr. Disrespect, Tyler 1 and of course Ninja. Plus they dive into some backgrounds on gaming and how Mark and Jason being older don't always connect up with the younger video game set.

Finally a new guest and new game of The Hot Seat. Michael goes through the 5 questions and we figure out whats the best single guy/loner food that's cheap to make and you always like the taste. Plus much more. All this on the new Q.

Aug 6, 2020

Welcome to another one....Mark Bland and guest Gary Weed take you on another trip through the political landscape and talk the biggest stories of the week. 

First up, Trump trying to grab the voters with his big Executive Orders to cut drug prices down.  Executive Orders are usually immediate and your prices should come down now....but are they? No. Trump is CAMPAIGNING. We've talked about this on the show before. Conservatives will say anything for a vote. Trump included. Mark and Gary breakdown their thoughts on these decisions.

Next, Gary goes off script and talks about Joe Biden NOT BEING a good choice for President of the USA. Why, you ask? Well listen to the show and find out why Gary feels this way!

Your TRUTH is next up. Gary and Mark start talking about people and situations where the words "your truth" are invoked. Usually these are people that just want to live outside of normal everyday reality. They have their own "Truth"....aka beliefs. Are their "truth's" valuable to anyone other than themselves...nope. But Mark and Gary discuss these types of people. 

Finally Mark and Gary take on some questions and this brings up the discussion about the Lady who sued McDonalds for spilling coffee on her lap back in the 80s/90s....but there is more to that story than you might know. Tune in and find out!

Jul 23, 2020

COVID has shut down a ton of business worldwide. Because of this it has been extremely difficult to procure certain products that businesses in the USA need. 

In comes The Product Plug and Alex Elias! Alex works over the top of a team of people at The Product Plug to get PPE's and other COVID related things to the US market so the people can protect themselves. Alex discusses his business and the relationship with China since Trump imposed Tariffs and other financial penalties for businesses in China to operate with the USA.

This leads into a discussion about Trump and the current state of the world. How he is being divisive on purpose to create problems for the people of the USA rather than leading them and sitting down with them to discuss their issues and working on a solution.

Alex decides story time is needed to expound on a point that Mark brings up in the show about stereotypes. Alex discusses a project where stereotypes were used to warn someone of bad things...was the warning needed or not? Listen and find out.

Fianlly Mark and Alex discuss these confederate monuments and the way republicans and conservative fawn over them for the weirdest reasons....why would you want your Heritage to be "We are the best LOSERS of a WAR...Second Place is our thing!"

All this and much much more on this episode of The Q!

Jul 13, 2020

Like a cannonball hitting you square in the jugular, here comes another episode of the Q. 

Producer Bobby, Gary Weed and Matt Krueger are here to cheer all of you up with your problems of today. Short of reading stories from facebook and being pretty, Mark Bland and the Q aim to make you think and realize the world is a scary place at times. 

First up...Bobby is losing weight and we realize Bobby got help from COVID without even realizing it. Matt then updates all of us on the new Batman stuff with Michael Keaton and the guys discuss how all this is being formulated.

This Leads to Tweet reading time. Mark and the round table of guest are gonna take on Trump Tweets. On the show before, Mark Read some Trump tweets and made comments. People liked it, so Mark is doing it on a larger scale with more opinions. Mark sifts through Trumps latest tweets of anger and hope, to discuss their thoughts on what he is saying. From there the guys discuss press briefings, war options, Covid response and almost everything Trump is touching. Really worth a listen with multiple ideologies and opinions being expressed...even Conservatives are defended!

This leads to a discussion. The discussion hits a like a cannonball because its about Trumps true purpose for posting the things he posts. Mark and Matt discuss the need for him to act the way he does and it opens a whole can of worms regarding Mark and Matt's relationship and how Matt handles it. Mark explains that conservatives seem to share a trait and it rears it head quite often online...find out what it is!

Finally the guys discuss the monuments and them being taken down, defunding of police and everything in between. Plus some questions from the listeners. A show for the ages! 

Jul 6, 2020

EJ Carter is a beast. This man has taken the hip hop scene by storm and his song Propane has propelled him to Regional and National Success working with other hip hop legends and even remixing Propane with Lil Flip for good measure.

EJ joins Jonathan May and Mark Bland to discuss the going on's in the world and how we are viewing history right now. 

First up the guys discuss EJ and his early influences as well as when he started writing and performing hip hop. This leads into a serious discussion about comic books and super heroes. All good and fun until the serious happens....

So 2 St. Louis Lawyers decided to take the law into their own hands and fend off a BLM protest walking past their house. They did this with a machine gun and wife visibly upset pointing a hand gun at people. The guys discuss the ramifications and all the thoughts surrounding BLM, the lawyers and even public opinions. Worth the listen alone.

Finally Mark hits EJ with the Hot Seat where they discuss how to handle and alien invasion of Earth and much much more! 

Such a fun guest for the show and we look forward to hearing EJ on the show more in the future! 

Jun 19, 2020

Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd are the center of the worlds attention right now as police brutality and how it's used against people of color and minorities is being looked at heavily.

The last episode was called Police Brutality...but on the heels of the George Floyd situation, a gentleman named Rayshard Brooks was found sleeping in a drive thru at a Wendy's, in Atlanta. Mr. Brooks life ended that night after a scuffle with police. The death of Brooks sent shockwaves through the country while many were already protesting police brutality. But was this a case of police brutality and murder? 

Jonathan May and Mark are not afraid to discuss the deep topics and they sit down to talk about both situations further and discuss the merits of police brutality, while discussing the contrast between the two situations. 

This is a deep discussion. There are things said that might make some people angry. But these have to be discussed at the levels Mark and Jonathan discuss them or else we will never get to the deepest issues between white culture and black culture and how to fix them. 

Sit back and enjoy. Remember this is a discussion with no pulled punches. It's stark and direct. It's designed to make you think.

Jun 4, 2020

When the Ferguson situation of 2014 lead to all these protests and anger about police brutality we made some of the best episodes of the Q possible.  But we never wanted to see this stuff happening again and we thought things had gotten more noticeable and by virtue, better. 

On this episode of the Q, we discuss the George Floyd police death and how it should be viewed in culture. This all comes on the heels of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting where he was jogging and gunned down after people chased and basically "lynched" him in the street.

Mark gets into online discussions and the Floyd killing was being presented as a lynching to Mark. Mark and his guests Jonathan May and Gary Weed weigh in on the deep issue and discuss what is and is not to be considered "lynching". This also leads to more discussion on the Police Brutality debate of 2014. So the guys pick up where those shows left off and discuss the newest round police issues that are popping up. 

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is still hammering the USA and with these new protests, the question is Will more people be getting the virus and getting sick? Should the protest be happening with this virus still out there? And what is the thought process of people that jump back in....the guys discuss.

Finally, Mark takes some questions and has Jonthan and Gary weigh in on them. One leads to discussing movies and specifically a movie from the past called Gravity. Mark and Jonathan get into a discussion regarding the filming of the movie....take a listen. You don't want to miss this episode of the Q!

May 28, 2020

Unfireable indeed. Welcome back to the Q ladies and gents. This week on the show we have our guy Patrick Wilson and Gorilla J of the band Egans Rats.

This is what we talk about....

- What have the two been doing during Covid-19
- How much money people are making during this Coronavirus
- What will happen after the Virus
- Trump walking out of the coronavirus Press Conference
- Lack of game plan for the virus
- Trump's cronies around him and how manafort and stone are in jail...the SWAMP
- Mark calls out the potential banning of internet freedom of speech weeks ahead of it happening with Twitter and Trump
- GrubHub and delivery service prices

All this and much more on this episode of the Q!

May 4, 2020

On this episode of the Q, Mark Bland is joined by Coljac YSD, Travis Corley and Jonathan May.

With everyone in lockdown mode because of CoronaVirus, these guys ain't been getting out much.  First We catch up with these talented men to find out what they have been up to and doing during the stay at home stuff. This leads to a great convo about documentaries to watch on Netflix and a interesting discussion about Waco and the movie that just came out.

Next up Mark discusses what has come out of this virus and how we can learn to make the world a better place. Someone mentions "essential workers" and start to talk about the monies and stimulus that have been put out by the governement including that unemployment check. This leads to talking about going back to work and if people are ready to settle back in.

Finally, Mark reads some fan mail and letters to the q while also asking some questions of the guest. Whats the Worst injury they have ever had? Who's is better Alterbridge or Creed? Why did ATA go on hiatus and when is it coming back? Some important questions that need to be answered! 

Apr 23, 2020

Gary Weed is back during this COVID situation to discuss what life has been like for him and his views on where all this is going.

First up...The men discuss Donald Trump and how he has handled the virus. Gary and Mark are on the same page regarding it because, well, it only makes sense at this point. He has attacked the governors and everyone else trying to skirt blame for reacting so slowly. Mark wonders why there hasn't been any attempts on the heads of world leaders in the past 30 years. 

People are Rallying against the stay at home orders in throughout the USA and the guys discuss. Why would you put yourself at risk and it's obvious nobody at the rallies is adhering to social distancing. Also there are other things falling apart during this pandemic and sports teams are not exempt from the fallout. Th XFL folds and they discuss the ramifications of this happening.

Finally Gary and Mark discuss the OTHER HEROES of this COVID situation. Doctors and nurses, LEO and Military are all getting the pats on the backs for dealing with this virus situation. But the country is technically shut down and tons with no jobs, yet some are still working. They are still putting their lives on the line to bag your groceries, or deliver those groceries. These are the OTHER HEROES people are not talking about. Mark and Gary give their two cents on this.

Apr 18, 2020

Ever watch Talk Soup? It was a popular daily talk show like the Daily Show but on the E! network for a long time. This weeks guest was a long time host for that show and has starred in some impressive films throughout his career. First up on the show this week is Hal Sparks. 

Hal comes in via Zoom/Skype to discuss the current status of our country during this COVID 19 stuff. Hal Sparks hosts his own political radio show out of Chicago (WCPT) for quite a few years and he brings that background an research to the table to discuss whats going on nationally. Hal discusses the Russian aspect of this virus and how China reacted. How will the unemployed people of the country handle this COVID and how will the system handle the overbearing pressure of the sheer unemployment numbers. The two men go round and round discussing their progressive thoughts and ideas. 

​Next up is Andrew Glantz and his upstart company called "Gift a Meal". The point of gift a meal is that they partner with food places and restaurants to guarantee some of the profit goes to buying a meal for someone in need. They work out of St. Louis with the local area Foodbanks to buy a meal through the Foodbank to donate to someone who needs it. It's incredibly needed during this pandemic with so many people who are employed normally to know where their next meal is coming from. The people in desperate need of their meal can thank organizations like Gift a Meal for existing. We discuss the business model and little more with their head honcho Andrew Glantz.

Apr 9, 2020

Andy Echele hasn't been on the show in a while and he stops by during this Corona Virus to be Socially Distant while recording an episode of the Q with Mark!

First up, Mark and Andy get into a discussion of why conservatives tend to be jerks. Mark plays devils advocate and discusses with Andy how conservative people on social media always get into arguments because of antagonistic attitudes. Mark and Andy discuss and figure out why that is.

This leads into a talk about the Coronavirus itself and what to watch for versus the BS on the internet that people spread. Andy Echele is a certified EMT/Paramedic Tech and Firefighter. He explains what he's been told and how the paramedic field is handling how they approach the Coronavirus.

Finally, Mark and andy decide to break down a list from Ranker of the top 10 Virus/Outbreak type movies. Which ones have they seen and which ones shouldn't be in the Top 10. Also a surprise at the #1 slot to our fair friends. And this leads into a discussion about top Horror movies of all time and which ones should and shouldn't be there. 

All this for you to enjoy on this episode of the Q. 

Mar 30, 2020

We are knee deep in the Coronavirus and the Q couldn't think of a better person to have on than Christopher Ave (pronounce AH-VAY) a political correspondent formerly of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch here in St. Louis, MO.

First up Chirstopher and Mark discuss the current vibe of situations in their lives. How they are personally handling things and how their families are holding up. This leads to the two men discussing Trumps response to the coronavirus and how it should be viewed too.

Next up, Music. Mark finds out about Christopher being a huge Beatles and music fan, so the two men decided to go down that road and talk about their favorite groups and what about music makes them tick.

Finally Mark puts Christopher Ave on the Hot Seat to ask himn 5 questions out of the blue so we can all learn more about what makes a guy like him go. I promise, if you are a Christopher Ave fan or friend, you have to hear some of these questions and learn about Christopher in ways you weren't expecting. 

A fun show and so much more in it...all this and much more with our guest on this episode of The Q!

Mar 18, 2020

Oh the Coronavirus is here and it seems the Republicans think it was a joke. But it's not a joke and a ton of people are being affected by these things! Gary Weed and Zach Schmidt join Mark to discuss the virus issues and the things that are happening. 

First up Mark reports on Arch Madness, the basketball tournament for the Missouri Valley Conference, to go to the NCAA March Madness tournament. Luckily for them, they were able to have the entire tournament before anything was cancelled. Mark discusses seeing the tournament and finals between Valpraiso and Bradley well as speaks on how well the MVC handled things. 

Next, Mark and the guys discuss the impact the virus is having on sports and other things the world. So many sports closing down because of this virus. But did it have to happen? Was it necessary? The gentlemen discuss this.

Finally, with everything going on, the gentlemen decide they need to focus on more positive and fun things. They take some questions and discuss movies and tv shows you can watch during this time. As well as many other things to pique your interest during this less than stellar time. 

All this and much more on this new episode of The Q!

Mar 10, 2020

On this Episode of The Q, For the first time in a long while, Mark Bland is SOLO on the show. With nobody to interrupt him, Mark lays out the current situation in the presidential race on the Democratic side of things. 

It's finally come down to Bernie and Biden for who will be the DNC nomination. Now a lot of time will pass between the DNC decision and who will inspire the people to follow them to the promise land. Also, which one would serve the best in a race against President Trump in November? All these things are up in the air and Mark is here to discuss ideas and thoughts on how this can fallout and help you make the best choice.

Finally, former congressman and presidential candidate Joe Walsh comes on the Q to bury the hatchet and talk politics with Mark. What started out as arguing and disagreeing on the internet years ago when he was, as he admits, uncool....Joe Walsh comes on the Q as a former Trump supporter to plead the case against Trump and put his two cents in on Biden and Bernie in the democratic race. Also Joe discusses the stereotypes and ideas behind being a republican in 2020 and what virtues he maintains versus the ones he gave up. 

All this and much more on this episode of The Q!

Mar 2, 2020

St. Louis Broadcasted Zach Schmidt joins Mark and Jonathan May to discuss his thoughts on politics, current affairs and life! 

The whole world is on High ALERT! Fox News can't keep their WARNING logo off the screen at this moment because the CoronaVirus is on it's way to bring plague and famine and locusts. Revelation's is happening if you talk to conservatives and many people in the USA. Then again, the sky is always falling for some people. But Mark and the guys discuss the virus and the potential impact it could have on the world markets and the USA.

Next up is a local STL discussion that comes on the heals of another MASS SHOOTING in the USA. This one happened at a beer plant in Milwaukee. The St. Louis Local one happened at a Community Center in Maryland Heights Missouri...a subsidiary of the St. Louis area.  Mark focuses on something that no one ever talks about regarding these mass shootings. See if you catch it too?

Finally Mark and Jonathan get into their typical discussion on racial relations and how the world should view things. This time around, Lynching finally gets outlawed 120 years too late. Mark, Zach and Jonathan try to wrap their heads around why this took so long to outlaw. And last, Zach has to do the Hotseat and everyone finds out that Werewolves ARE REAL! 

Feb 25, 2020

The world is a funny place with funny people constantly trying to play the "crabs in a bucket" game. Mark's been playing this game in STL for 20+ years. These others though, they get their careers handed to them and they are not worth the money they are being paid. 

Jonathan May and Gary Weed join to discuss all the great things happening in the world. First up, Rob Blagojevich gets pardoned by the President of the USA. When interviewed he calls himself a 'Trump-O-Crat" and Mark breaks down why this is stupid and what he's attempting to do. This breaks down to what republicans try to constantly do. 

The USA is the king of the world. How the rest of the world views us and why they should view us that way is important. Mark, Gary and Jonathan discus the position as KING of the world and what that means from our point of view and everyone else's point of view. 

Finally, Mark and the guys decide to take some questions from the listeners and break them down for the people. Gary tries saying things he's not allowed. Mark discusses more Black History Month with Jonathan (which is always exciting) and the men finally get world peace figured out. What an amazing episode. 

Feb 18, 2020

In one fell swoop, and in a comedy bit, a Trump supporter said the three words that everyone knows is the reason for Trump being supported as heavily as he ever was....I DON'T CARE. 

That's right, they don't care about anything, so we shouldn't care one little bit about their ideas or focus or any of it. And to help Mark not care this week, he is joined by Hip hop artist and member of the music group Egan's Rats...Gorilla J!

First up Mark and Gorilla dive into the past and how Gorilla made his way into the music business. Mark finds out about the people in Gorilla's life that already are making huge moves and they discuss the things like the music business and the pains of being young and new in it.

Next up a popular clip from the Daily show is making the rounds showing Trump supporters being interviewed during the impeachment. Their Answers are the reason this country is doomed now. The two men Discuss! 

Fianlly Gorilla J comes to sit down on the Hotseat and answer 5 questions he did not expect...including: Name something you believed as a child that you realized was dumb once you became an adult?  What does our guys say regarding this...listen to this fire episode of The Q to find out! 

Feb 12, 2020

It is February and that means its time for our yearly jaunt into celebrating black culture and the things that make them unique. And no better a person to bring on the show to entertain and discuss cultural things with, other than Jonathan May. 

Back again for some thrilling discussion, first up the guys discuss the layout for the democrats and some of Mark's opinions on the current crop of people vying for that DNC nomination. Mark explains how strong the Obama presidency was and how that affected Trump. 

Then the guys switch gears to discussing how rapper G-Eazy put up a social media thing with him kissing on a black female rapper named Megan the Stallion....this set the internet off and many black females were pissed she did this, but also a few men. Mark discusses how black men in their culture always go for white women and they are chastised for it but not a lot...why is this different for Megan? This leads to discussing Black History Month.

Finally, The Purge is just a movie, but it seems that the mentality of this country is starting to go down that road. Mark and Jonathan discuss the black culture and how they view history versus other ways to view it. Your perspective is not the only one and it's not always the right one. Mark and Jonathan go back and forth discussing cultural differences and what we can do as people. What can we do? Listen and find out.

Feb 3, 2020

Gary Weed joins for this new episode of the Q. And the Impeachment is hitting full stride moving to the Senate for the Trial, and eventual closing statements for both sides. With them voting down the witnesses. it's obvious that the only way to potentially take Trump off the perch will be through the 2020 election. 

First up, Mark and Gary breakdown the horrific and unbelievable loss of Professional Basketball Player Kobe Bryant and his daughter, along with 7 other people in a helicopter in Los Angeles. Kobe was an inspiration to many and even our own Gary Weed has a relationship close to this tragedy. We discuss everything regarding this story and shocking twist of events in life.

Next up, The story related to Kobe regarding a news lady for MSNBC who is being lambasted over the fact that she stumbled over some words and inadvertently said something that sounded racist when talking about the breaking news of Kobe Bryants death. We discuss our cultures sensitivity at this point and how everyone is LOOKING for issues everyday.

Finally, Mark and Gary touch on the impeachment and where things are at. Currently, Mark thinks this has stepped outside of a political discussion and the impeachment has become a blood feud because Trump made it that way. "Tit for tat" handling of those standings in life. If you do this, I'll do that. But is this gonna to help us as a country? All this and much more on the new Q!


Jan 24, 2020

Local St. Louis music artist Coljac YSD joins the show with Patrick Wilson on this fine day. 

First up, Coljac introduces himself and discusses his background in the music business and teaches us all about his years growing up in rural Illinois and being an EMO DADDY. Coljac explains how he became a saxophone player and drummer. Recording music in his HS years, which weren't that long ago.

Next, Mark gets into discussing the most recent impeachment hearings happening in the Senate, as well as Trump going after General Soleimani. There doesn't seem to be a connection between Soleimani and anything going on in the world at the time Trump attacks Iran and kills was it necessary at the time. Also why didn't Trump kill him earlier? Two years of dead americans that didn't have to die if Trump would have made this move years ago. All this and much more.

Finally Coljac hits the Hotseat and has to answer the 5 questions he doesn't know is coming. Which leads to an interesting discussion about ghosts and demons and an experience he had on a dark night out in the woods. 

Enjoy this amazing episode of The Q! 

Jan 7, 2020

Mark Bland is bringing this into the 2nd decade of it's existence and now we have a new group of years and experiences to take a trip together on and learn about! 

It's 2020 and things are starting off hot in the world of President'ing. First up, joining Mark on the show for this first episode of the decade is none other than Gary Weed and St. Louis Hip Hop artist Marzo!  Marzo has slowly been working his game up and performing all over the midwest, but decides to grace the Q microphone for this show. 

First up, Mark wants to discuss with the guys the good, the bad and the ugly from the past decade. Race immediately gets brought up as the guys discuss the Ferguson and Trayvon Martin situations, Trump being elected as well as some fun things that happened in that decade. This also goes down a road where Gary thinks some words should be as bad to hear as the N-word and everyone discusses.

Next the show switches gears to discuss the current affairs in the USA and what is going on. The President is still dealing with Impeachment and it's not getting better at all. Mark explains how the democrats dropped the ball on this impeachment and how it's not looking like it will work out well for them. This turns to Mark asking "Could Civil War happen at this point?"  Will it or won't it. Country is definitely divided and wanting to tussle it up a bit, but will it happen.

Finally all new guests on the show have to go through our little obstacle course that we like to call "The Hot Seat". Marzo is on for the first time, so he is fielding random questions he did not know about. You get a chance to break down that artist facade and learn a little bit about the guy behind the magic. And we learn Marzo needs to watch more TV...he's horribly lacking in knowledge of popular shows...LOL. 

All this and much more on the Q!

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Twitter: @itsmarzo

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