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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Dec 27, 2018

Sometimes, it takes time for things to pass before you can come back around and reconnect.  Sometimes it's as if no time has passed at all. Well we get the best of both worlds on this weeks episode of the Q. 

Bj "The No Limit Honkey" Lange joins Mark, Gary and Jason as he travels back to the STL where he called home for many years. Mark and BJ were co-hosts on a weekly music video show called "Mega Music" back in 2001.  Since those days, they have kept in contact and decided to re-connect for an episode.  Which is great since it's the final episode of 2018!

First up, BJ discusses where he has been the past 15 solid years. From moving to LA, to acting, to improv and even into his cancer diagnosis which he has fought TWICE now and succeeded. 

But don't think we stepped away from our core for another episode. No way.  Donald Trump kept up his ridiculousness all the way through the holidays and up to the last days of the 2018. From asking a 7 yr old girl if Santa is real, all the way to throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to leave the white house for Christmas break when everyone else did. Finally he did something nice that no one on the Q can fault him for....he visited the troops in Iraq for Christmas...but only because he was shamed into it again. 1 Step forward, 2 steps back is his M.O.

From there, the show hits a lot of notes from the year 2018. A list of things you might have forgot happened in 2018 (weak list).  As well as discussion on Oscar worthy performances and if Heath Ledger would have won for the Dark Knight had he not passed away. 

This leads to the Final HOTSEAT of the Year with BJ and a discussion on what song gets you all emotional. Which one is the one that catches you off guard every time and you start to get the feels deep in your gut. 

And Finally the guys discuss BJ's cancer diagnosis and how he fought it and some of the stories and people he works with to this day trying to help and better during their fight against prostate cancer. All this and much more on this episode of The Q!

Dec 20, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are at the final shows of 2018 and upon the first of 2019. This week Mark is joined by Andy Echele and Pro-Wrestling friend Jason Patton to discuss all that is merry and bright.

But....(record scratch)...That's not what happens!

Mark Bland met Jason Patton in the late 1990's and they have maintained a relationship ever since.  Jason started training at the legendary South Broadway athletic club in 1999 and that's when him and Mark struck up the friendship....BUT HOLD THE PHONE....Jason explains this on the back of a 6 year stint in PRISON! WHAT??? 

Mark gets it revealed to him for the first time live on this show that his friend Jason not only robbed a bank and went to prison for 6 years, but he was put into the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth...the oldest in the country. And one of the most notorious in the country to this day. When you think of Shawshank, you are thinking of Leavenworth. 

Jason proceeds to explain his gang background and what it is like sitting and waiting in a Federal Pen. What to watch out for and who to watch out for. If you were wanting a background in the prison system of the US, this episode of the Q opens up a world little seen by many.  

The guys discuss the difference between state and federal level prisons and Jason talks about the most evil human being he's ever encountered in his entire life. A riveting discussion that surely will open your eyes. Jason opens up about his past and all of it in the hopes that someone listening will change their ways and not want to be in the same spot he was in. 

All this on the new episode of The Q!  

Dec 13, 2018

Comedian Brian McDowell comes on the Q to discuss a "verbal tussle" him and host Mark Bland had regarding the position of success and how it should be viewed from his point of view. Brian disagree's with Mark, so Mark invited him on to discuss which comics are truly FAMOUS and which ones are D and C list celebs at best.

Along for this wonderful ride is Jason Kull and Gary Weed who also join in on this foray. Mark and Gary have been going back and forth about Harold Baines making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame and it lines up perfectly because this show is about VALUE and MERIT. Either you have both and are viewed at the proper level...OR you have one or the other and are viewed on a lesser scale. But it seems people within their own professions view success of others at a heightened level and sometimes you gotta step outside of your business to see it the way others do. But is Mark right or is Brian right. Most comics are gonna agree with Brian because of his position as a stand up comic....but it's never those within your industry that give you the value you require. It's the CROWD and FANS. They are what give you merit. 

Also on the show the guys discuss Michael Cohen, the lawyer for Donald Trump that admitted guilt and is now going to prison for 3 years. You would think that would be the eye opening everyone needed to figure out Trump is dirty, but NOPE! Some people are still holding tight and coming up with every excuse they can so they don't get egg on their face.  Conservatives are dollar sure and too deep now to allow anything to make their choice look bad. But there is more coming down the pipe line and everyone chimes in about what makes Cohen that big of a deal.

Finally Mark, Gary, Jason do the hotseat with Brian. What will he be asked...Also what does he quietly judge people on? It could be anything and it could gain you a fan in Brian or get you thrown away quickly. Find out on this new Q!

Dec 6, 2018

On this show, Producer Bobby returns and with him he brings a cavalcade of guests to the table. First up is his Co-Host, Jared, for a new sports show he is promoting called Sports Central! The two stop in to discuss some sports and chime in on news of the day. But today's show is brimming with talent because Ali Jones of the St. Lunatics, legendary hip hop group, joins for a second week in a row to discuss the news of the day. 

First up, George HW Bush, former President of the United States passed away this week at 94 years of age. The former military veteran and head of the FBI became Ronald Reagans running mate in 1980 when they were able to bring the republican party back to prominence.  From 1980 to 1992, Bush Sr. worked on capitol hill as both Vice President and then becoming President himself in 1988.  

The funeral was a litany of guests from all decades and political backgrounds. But that wasn't what was weird. It got weird when the current President of the US, Mr. Trump, showed up with the First Lady to pay their respects, but it was a cold reception they got from the remaining living former Presidents...and definitely no love lost between himself and the Clinton's.

Next, Mark is curious as to some of the coolest places Ali has been to as an artist.  Ali then breaks down a few of his favorite places and lands on Dubai. This brings up the question of "Why can't the United States build infra-structure similar to Dubai and other locations that advance culture and living?"  Which brings Bobby to producing the picture of him eating the 24k Gold wings in New York. Find out what everyone thinks of this.

Finally, Ali was not put into the Hot Seat the last time he was on, so Mark decides to put him, and Jared (sorta), into the Hot Seat and ask some pointed questions....Like......

Whose your favorite St. Louis Rap artist of all time outside of the Lunatics and your crew? What group surprised you the most in the music industry?  Whose your favorite national artist/group from the last 10 years? And much much more than that. Check out this amazing episode of The Q!

Brought to you by JOHNBEALROOFING.COM, our amazing web sponsor that makes this show possible every week!

Nov 29, 2018

Mark Bland and Gary Weed return with a hot episode of the Q, cooked up just the way you like it.  This week's episode welcomes friend of the show Ali Jones of the legendary hip hop group the St. Lunatics.  Ali has been to the top of the music business with is crew since 1999. Winning multiple Grammy Awards and music awards for their contributions, Ali along with his childhood friends have racked up quite the reputation. Whether it's Country Grammar, Free City, Heavy Starch or the multitude of other albums and features, Ali has set himself along with Nelly, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, City Spud and Slo Down as the dominate midwest hip hop group of the early 2000's thru today.

First up, Mark being in the music business, he has worked with the group on different projects in the past. From these interactions and personal dealings, Mark realized early that Ali is a force to reckoned with verbally when discussing touchy and somewhat controversial topics...not unlike himself. Ali explains the beginnings of the St. Lunatics as they celebrate their 25th year as a group.  Mark wonders if there is any plans for a full line up reunion and Ali expounds on why that is always a potential but not at this moment.

Next there are many stories of the hip hop group Mark has heard through the grapevine for years. He decides to serve the stories up and put the questions to rest. Did this happen? Did that happen?  Some very juicy and interesting background on the group and how they gained notoriety is spawned from these questions. Maybe you knew, but maybe you didn't. Find out the real scoop on the groups ascent to fame and popularity.

The guys on the Q have discussed gangs and 1%'ers in the past.  But also 5%'ers were brought up on the show before and there is a lot of lore and background to that belief in  the world. Ali being a 5%'er shines light on whats true and not about his beliefs. He also explains what being a 5%'er means and how others can attain the same beliefs in their life.  But Ali goes a step further and discusses the ways to apply that lifestyle and belief structure to your everyday life. 

Finally,  Ali wanted to discuss something he's heard Mark talk about before regarding slavery in the USA. Ali goes on to discuss how slavery should be viewed and begins to discuss the reparations he believes are important setting things back in the right order. Do you agree or disagree? Find out about this and a bunch more on this riveting interview on The Q!

Nov 15, 2018

Midterms are over. So where do Mark Bland, Jason Kull and Gary Weed sit on the important races and changes happening? Well we will break it down on this episode of the show. 

First up, did the BLUE WAVE happen the way it was touted. Not quite. Mark and the guys break down the important races and where the country goes from here. This leads to a unique convo about the next election in 2020. Who will be the front runners on both sides of the business walking into that election. Hear who the team thinks will make the cut and decide if you agree or don't. 

Mark also brings up a unique factor that he wants thought about. What if an unknown, but real person, was written in to be the President of the United States. Do we just say "the rules say he wins if he get's the electoral college"...or would they say "we don't know this person, bring it to litigation!"  Find out how everyone feels of about that scenario in the US.

Finally a rant about parking and making mistakes leads to a discussion about the Rock Hall of Fame and our picks from a few weeks ago. Whose in the running so far and how close were we on the fan poll...find out on this episode of The Q!

Nov 5, 2018

Mark Bland is joined by Producer Bobby and Gary Weed to discuss the upcoming 2018 midterms and voting in general!

First up, Gary and Mark made a bet for the World Series and Mark ended up winning the bet. Discussion of the World series takes us down a sports path once again discussing the value of players within in their respective sports. Who was the best Baseball Pitcher of all time? Is it Greg Maddux or Rollie Fingers? Also who stands out in other sports.  Hockey, Football and all of them. The guys discuss this at length.

Then the gears get switched and it's on the to newest and dumbest thing that Trump could have ever proposed. He wants to use and executive order to remove and override the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This definitely caught him some hell for even throwing it out there as a potential. All this comes on the backs of the Migrant Caravan making it's way up from Central America with estimates of 10,000+ people looking for asylum.  The guys discuss aspects of this decision and the long term reprecussions that could form from this Trump decision.

The discussion turns to video games on the release of the new Playstation Classic, but does it have the games people want or deserve? Everyone plays referee discussing what is on the machine and what is not. This leads to a convo about playing video games in 2018 on mobile devices and if you ever spend money on the games for yourself.  Mark defends his spending money on a couple mobile games with the most basic of arguments..."I would have done it anyway."  Listen as Mark explains and you see if he makes sense or not. 

Oct 25, 2018

Donald Trump went on a Houston stage at a rally and decided to let the world know that "I'm a Nationalist". Unfortunately for Trump, he meant to say "I'm a Patriot". Now a bunch of supporters are going around trying to make it okay to be white and call yourself a nationalist.  Being a white skinned nationalist is not a good thing. The nationlism movement is ripe with men and women that are heavily prejudice and antagonistic in their handling of day to day decisions. 

So Mark grabbed Producer Bobby and Jonathan May to sit down and discuss these things. But Producer Bobby doesnt' see the issue with a person running around calling themselves a nationalist. Mark and Jon have a one on one with Bobby trying to decipher between nationalism and patriotism....see where this convo goes.

But also on the the heels of the nationalism situation, we had random pipe bomb's being mailed to Hillary Clinton, Robert Deniro and many others that ave spoken out against Trump. Plus a migrant caravan is slowly approaching the USA on foot and we have to decide what to do when they get here...should we let them in and start the naturalization process, or do we draw a line in the sand?  We discuss this at length!

Finally, Dr. Susan Shumsky is a paranormal investigator and self described Ghost Buster. She joins Mark on this 2018 Halloween show to discuss ghosts and spirits. Why do ghost exists and why don't ghost just go to heaven and stick around here on earth. Dr. Susan touches on exorcisms and a few stories of things that she has had happen while out and about helping people with their ghost issues. 

All this and much much more on this episode of The Q!

Oct 19, 2018

Donald Trump decided to do an interview with 60 minutes and Leslie Stahl. During said interview, Trump explained that it didn't matter if Christine Ford was telling the truth or not, because they got their man in regardless. So he could be a sexual predator on the Supreme Court but he doesn't care if he is. The important thing is that they got it done by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

So on this episode, Andy Echele returns with his conservative leaning thoughts to join Mark, Gary Weed and Jason Kull for a round table. On this RT we will discuss the Bret Kavanaugh situation and Trumps stance on it. Plus we start off with a little Fantasy Football discussion and Gary sticks it in everyone's face with his record.

Next up, Elizabeth Warren comes out with her heritage and it seems she's only 1/1024th Native American. That seems quite low so Mark takes it to the round table to find out if Trump owes her the $1 million in Charity donations he promised her if she could prove it. It definitely shows there is Native American heritage, but the common belief would be "not enough to justify"...find out what the panel says.

Finally, Missouri is up for potential legalization of medical marijuana. There are three choices on the ballot and the guys break down the three and help you figure out which one you want to vote for. And the Rock n Roll HOF released it's latest list of nominees for entry into the Hall, but whose worthy of the vote? We discuss and set the list for The Q.  

Oct 11, 2018

Evidently it's "Story Time" in the world of The Q. And let's be honest...October is the perfect time to tell spooky stories about people you need to be scared of. But what if they aren't scary at all. What if the people you are discussing are not the monsters that people make them out to be. Well there are two sides to every story and Jonathan May and Gary Weed join to discuss.

Mark starts off discussing a recent issue he had where people went out of their way to make him look bad by taking things out of context. Mark and the guys discuss the manner at which these things happened and why they fall into the "story" world more than anything legitimate in real life. 

Next up Gary discusses a post he recently made to facebook regarding people using EBT cards (welfare money) to buy things required when they also had cash money in their pocket and used it to buy other non essential items. People attacked Gary for being insensitive and to look deeper. Where Gary thinks that his point is well versed and deserves to be taken on it's merits in comparison to the country and others moral/ideological stances. Jonathan and Mark sit back to decipher and get to the bottom of Gary's stance and whether everyone chiding him is right or if in fact Gary makes the "nail in the coffin" argument that should dictate peoples thoughts.

Finally Mark discusses kids in 2018 and how they don't have any patience anymore. How this is indicative of TV/Movie industry today when all they do is make remakes of everything between 1985-2015. Also how this perpetual loop will eventually be lost on life and they might maintain this for decades and decades past our current times. 

Oct 4, 2018

Ahhh October. That Fall air is in and temps start to drop. But this year it's even better because we have SCOTUS hearings and Presidential Alerts and all kinds of Fun. So Producer Bobby and Gary Weed join for this episode of the Q to discuss all of it.

First up, Mark and the Family cruised over to Six Flags for their first weekend of Fright Fest. The temps were great and Six Flags definitely has upped their game regarding this years Fright Fest. 5 Amazing haunted houses for the family to go through and even if you don't grab the Haunted house pass (extra cost), they still have scare areas throughout the park for the kids (little and big) to enjoy. Gary and Bobby also chime in with their experiences plus some basic theme park discussion!

Onto the world of politics, where Brett Kavanaugh is up against it on the SCOTUS nomination. He was grilled for hoursalong with Christine Blasey Ford regarding the sexual assault allegations brought against him.  How is this boding for the judge? Well not as well as he thought it would, but that doesn't mean he's guilty. He's just really emotional while discussing these things. 

Then Mark breaks down how you know that Conservative media just fills their bases heads with BS based on the latest findings in the Charlottesville, Virginia protests from almost 2 years ago. The FBI arrested 4 White Nationalist/KKK members in association with creating Mayhem and many other charges. But how does that prove Conservative Media is biased and mostly wrong all the time...Well listen to Mark break down his logic and explain. Also Mark discusses the Presidential Text Alert and the guys give Trump some much deserved credit.

Finally, Producer Bobby explains that he kinda agrees with Trump moves now and this brings us to how the SCOTUS nomination is important and how it'll shape the future. So we decided to bring up the Supreme Court's most recent decisions over th epast couple years and discuss here Bobby falls with the court. Does he lean conservative or does he stay moderate/liberal. Listen in and figure out what you agree with the court on and what you don't.

Sep 28, 2018

People talking into a microphone having a good time. That's what the Q likes to strive for. Well we have a doozy of a show for you. Anthony Rogers brings his unique style of comedy to the show with Mark and Jonathan May. 

First up, Jonathan is having a hell of a time on Social Media because he feels Bill Cosby got what he deserved. But that doesn't stop people from being contrarians. Jonathan is getting lit up on Facebook so Anthony decides to add his two cents to the issue and bestows a very touchy position to the newly guilty comedy legend.

Next is the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and issue. Seems that Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She will explain he allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh to the Senators and they will either vote to confirm him or they will waive him. The guys throw around their thoughts on how this should fall out.

Finally a shooting in Texas between neighbors caught the attention of Mark and they discuss if it was a legit stand your ground argument or not. Was the guy with the gun in the right, or was it the victim in the orange shirt that was irate and escalated himself until he made a move that cost him his life. 

All this and much much more on this episode of the Q!

Sep 20, 2018

Gary Weed and Producer Bobby joins Mark Bland on this show regarding sexual assault and how it should be viewed.

Now they will get to that eventually, but first up is a discussion. All three of our hosts are in a Fantasy Football league together where Mark is 1-1, Bobby is 0-2 and Gary is 2-0. First up Mark describes his issue with being in a fantasy league and trying to keep up with NFL Redzone TV while watching the games. Then the guys switch over to discuss players and names that are and are not allowed on the back of a NFL jersey. 

Next we switch over to the news of the week and it's not all good for Donald Trump, President of the USA. Poor Donald's week started with Stormy Daniels outting his falice size in the most unattractive way possible. She compared his "member" to that of TOAD from MARIO KART. Well this sent the whole world on fire and the things people said are not pleasant about the President. 

Also, Brett Kavanaugh is having a problematic week also. He disavows knowledge of a claim again him from High School. He has been accused of sexual assault by a woman that grew up with him. He claims it never happened, and she claims to want a FBI Investigation or else she won't testify in front of the Senate during these confirmation hearings. But it's not about a 30+ year old's about a potential supreme court justice being a liar or not. He's claiming it never happened.  But what if it did? The guys break all of this down.

Finally back into some sports talk revolving about betting coming to sports nationally and if players can be "gotten to" regarding fixing games. Can they....What if the Atlanta Falcons were told to drop the Superbowl on purpose?  How would that really go? 

Sep 13, 2018

Huge show this week. First up is Mark Bland and Gary Weed discussing their life and a question that Gary brings to the table regarding his Facebook and how no one can have an opinion anymore without being mercilessly attacked. And Mark answers the question and even puts a timeline on how it went down in history.

Then the convo moves to the business and "religion" of Scientology. What is Scientology? What should you know about it? And how does Scientology and their "policies" fall in line with the way Donald Trump is handling the people and media of the United States. It seems to Mark that Trump supporters have this vibe of being in a cult. The way Trump handles things reminds Mark of how a cult leader handles their followers...and that's what Trump wants...he wants Followers, not fans. 

This leads into our guest Jay Kanzler. Jay is a lawyer in the St. Louis area for the past 30 years and he sits down with Mark to discuss the legalities of things surrounding Trump. What is illegal, whats not illegal and what should be focused on as opposed to worthless to worry about. Jay and Mark break down the Michael Cohen stuff and take some swings at where the country is at and things that could happen. This is one hot interview and worth every minute of listening! 

Sep 6, 2018

To be President of the USA, it requires a certain amount of decorum. That decorum includes how you handle yourself in the eyes of others and the world. Donald Trump fails at this daily and it took an ugly turn this past week when he decided to threaten to investigate and attack Google.....GOOGLE....because it returned less than favorable reviews of him in it's search. 

Gary Weed flies solo this week while discussing with Mark about the Google issue.  Mark breaks down the value and how this looks to everyone. What we have here people is a sensitive little man that really wants to control peoples opinions. What he fails to remember is that guys like this have existed throughout history and the USA always looks down on those type of people. 

Gary also rounds back and verify's that Mark's laundry issue and decision was not crazy in the least bit. Further villifying Jonathan May and Alex Elias from the week earlier. 

Finally...Mark asks "Whats the weirdest home rule someone has for when you visit their house"...Gary hits Mark with an example he never saw coming and it is real weird. Take a listen and find out what the rule is. 

Aug 27, 2018

We setup the round table again and we brought back Producer Bobby to hang out.  But with him came friend of the show, Alex Elias, from AE Consulting Solutions as well as Jonathan May to sit down and discuss everything going on.

First up Mark has a conundrum to figure out. Is he CRAZY or is he being logical. Mark and his wife have a broken dryer and the need to wash and dry clothes weekly. Mark discusses bringing up the need to go to a Laundromat which his wife is not keen on. So Mark explains his theories to the crew and then asks, AM I CRAZY? Well is he....listen and find out the verdict

Also, Bobby Brings up something that he saw at LaGuardia airport in NY. A sectioned off desk and piece of ground designed for Free Speech. It's a Free Speech zone. Bobby was amazed and this makes Mark think of pop-up Rage rooms that he has seen online.  This get Alex going and excited about a new business venture.  But what about that Free Speech zone...can you say Bomb in it? What would happen? The gentlemen discuss.

Finally Mark brings up a new game he wants to play called Top 5. Yo name off the Top 5 of yours without telling anyone the topic...then the people are supposed to guess what your list refers to. An amazing idea that just falls apart but could be brought back in a more permanent way down the road.

Aug 20, 2018
  1. the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.

    Mark Bland is joined by Gary Weed and Michael Johnson from Slam Agency, a boutique content and marketing company based in STL. And what a show to guest on. 

    First up is Michael Johnson who is not heard from much in the world of entertainment.  Michael discusses the ramp up in life leading to Slam Agency being formed. He discusses his film company named Analogue as well as discusses his life, family and a major decision he made to leave being a pastor to work within content development. 

    Now this leads into the story of the week. Mark has been in the entertainment and media business since 1994. That's 24 years of being in the media in one city. He has built a solid fanbase and rolodex of connections to pull from. So when the Gateway Motorsports park jilted him on some media requests, it was only natural that Mark had to say something. Mark tweeted out to Indy Racing and Gateway that he wasn't going to be coming to the racing event because he didn't want to stand around watching Indy with a bunch of Trump supporters. Well this set the world on fire. ALL the trump supporting Indy people got very angry and it just started firing. But there is Method to Mark's madness. It's not just whining and complaining...Mark explains the situation in full and see if you are with him or against him after he's done telling it all. 

    Finally Trump did dumb things again and we all know that it's not necessary to discuss or ever type up a description of the lunacy on a daily basis. So Trump did stuff and no one wanted any of it. But the best was "Truth is not Truth" from Rudy Giuliani. The guys and their guest discuss it all on this episode of The Q. 
Aug 12, 2018

This all started with a CNN reporter asking Donald Trump about information regarding a rumor about Russia and Trump Tower meetings. On that day, Trump called it FAKE NEWS and said CNN was liars. And from then on, everyone chastised CNN and liberal news sources as liars that always put out fake stories.

Cut to this past Sunday...Donald Trump goes on Twitter and tells everyone that the meeting did happen with Russia and his son was there, AND it was a meeting to get info on Hillary during the election. Well meeting with people to get dirt on the opponent is not illegal.  But when you tell us CNN lies for 2 years and then you admit you actually lied and CNN was we know you're purposely swaying the information to your advantage. Which is Total BS.

Mark is joined by Jonathan May and Gary Weed to discuss this new information and break down what it means for the country. But during the convo, a conversation from off air re-enters the room. And again it has racial implications.  Mark feels that Jonathan and black culture is playing too much off things from the Civil War to justify actions in 2018. Jonathan claims that it is fair to do that. See where you stand at the end of this epic discussion! 

Aug 2, 2018

Mark knows the name of this episode is not gonna win him a lot of fans, but he's gotta be honest about the music business. 

Mark believes Radiohead sucks as a band. He feels they were shoved down peoples throats as a darling in the 1990's and they never looked back. And, as proof, Mark has Jason Kull to disagree with him and complain....but this all starts with Iron Maiden.

On this episode, Mark is joined by Gary Weed and Jason Kull to discuss Trumps dumb decisions for the week. But the show starts off with a discussion about Jason wearing a Iron Maiden shirt and Mark claiming they suck. This rears Gary's head being a huge fan of Maiden and having seen them multiple times.  This also leads to a discussion about groups that are the top heavy metal groups of all time.

Also, it seems that Mueller is getting close to Trump. Trump started lashing out on twitter all angrily at everyone and that seems to be his M.O. for when people are right or on his heels about something. He lashes when angry. But why is he angry? Well being the president, you are privy to information before others and the guys feel he's been giving the proof and it's not making him a happy boy. Well don't do bad things.

Finally, Mark has some letters from the listeners and the crew answers some of the more interesting questions we've had on the show. Including: What is your favorite documentary?

Jul 30, 2018

Mark Bland and Jonathan May saddle up for an amazing ride and one hell of a show. 

First up, Mark has had Jonathan on the show many times but never had a chance to really get to know him a little better. So Mark takes it upon himself for an impromptu interview of J-dog and finding out about his family and upbringing.

Next Michael Cohen decided to release the Trump Tapes to CNN and the entire world is ablaze with the revelation that Trump tried paying off MORE THAN ONE women to have sex with him. As damning as liberals want this to be, it's not illegal for Trump to be a horrible husband (3 times now). Honestly its quite pathetic to know that either his hot wives are such bores that he has to find other women....OR....Trump is such a crappy person that he can't tell anyone including his own wives the truth either. 

Mark then gets into a discussion about the history of Presidents that were assassinated and how watching those situations go down you can learn from history. Right now, Trump is nailing all the things that historically led down this crazy path to a certain ending.  Nobody on the Q or around the world is wishing for it, but could it happen today? The guys discuss.

Plus a little on the new Sacha Baron Cohen tv show and George Washington and probably how his life as President went. 

Jul 19, 2018

On this Episode of the Q, Mark welcomes back Producer Bobby along with Gary Weed and Jason Kull to do a Round Table of topics.

First up, Mark has some questions regarding the Trump/Putin Summit in Helsinki and how these fine men view Trump as their President here in mid 2018. Does He fair well, or is all this fake news becoming too much to handle?

Also this brings Mark to one of his newest points...Trump has hurt his brand more than help it. How will people view Trump when the presidency is over? Will he get opportunities or will he fade into the past without much fanfare?

Eventually the name Maxine Waters comes up and Mark is not sure if Bobby knows who she is and or whether she has touched his life.  But this should put to bed the notion that democrats tend to take advice from people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. 

Finally Bobby brings around the new game called "This or That" where he grills the panel to find out a little more about the guys.  

Fun episode that you'll be listening to a lot!

Jul 12, 2018

Gary Weed and Comedian Jonathan May join the show to discuss the historical shift in the Supreme Court of the US after Donald Trump nominates Bret Kavanaugh as the newest "member of the team".

Mark has been fielding tons and tons of incorrect fake conservative outrage because of the SCOTUS nomination.  But Mark is here to quell the fears and let everyone know....Kavanaugh is somewhat centrist like Garland and willing to vote liberal if necessary on some topics. This will do nothing to dissuade people from jumping down his throat, but Mark is attempting.

Also, Mark has been thinking of bringing a phrase back and wanted to get the opinions of his guests regarding that phrase. Find out what phrase and if he get's the go ahead or this is a no go. Plus 12 kids got trapped in a Thai mine a few weeks back and they got released.  The guys discuss this heroic moment.

Finally, Mark takes some questions from the listeners about life and one specifically that brings the show to a grinding hault...When was the last time you called 911, and what was it for. Find out Jonathan's amazing answer to the question on this episode of the Q. 

Jun 28, 2018

Glenn Kage joins Mark Bland and Gary Weed to discuss UNIONS and their stance in the wake of the Janus decision by the Supreme Court of the US. 

Glenn is a veteran of the Unions in the state of Missouri and currently the President of the Local UAW hall in Wentzville, MO.  He also presides over 4000 people as well as thousands of other retired Union employees. Glenn discusses his career in the Union and with the auto industry, as well as his thoughts on the state of the union today.

This leads to a discussion about hobbies and things in peoples lives, when Mark, whose been searching for a rant he had, hears that Glenn is into crossfit which sends Mark off on a diatribe about crossfitters and their lifestyle and all of it (nothing personal to Glenn of course).

Eventually the original rant Mark had about Liberals helping each other out comes to the surface. Mark reached out to form some alliances and the response he heard was a telling sign of where the mindset of hardcore liberals and democrats are at. Take a listen and find out the results...

Finally Glenn hits the famous Q show Hot Seat to answer some questions and open up about himself a little more. 

Enjoy all this and so much more on the new Q!

Jun 22, 2018

"What About-ism's"....seems to be the only thing a certain section of political supporters can do to keep their shallow ideals and beliefs relevant. Cause everything for them is steeped in the past and what happened in ancient times that are not relevant to the present. 

Jason Kull and Jonathan May join the show this week to discuss these things that just refuse to go away from the past.  But that is on the heels of a historic week of keeping kids separated from the families while stuck in a foreign country they are not from and have no residency in. But then on the back side, and just two days after claiming "I don't have any power to help"...Donald Trump signs a executive order to fix the separation issue at the border. One that he kinda created as a platform and enforced. 

This leads to a discussion about how Trump tends to create issues and fix them so he can have a check in the win column. He also tends to prop up things that are useless as a win too, like signing a friendship agreement with North Korea who was never the issue. 

Also the guys discuss drugged up river eels and how their coke habits are getting way outta control.

Jun 15, 2018

Anthony Rogers and Gary Weed join the show to discuss how Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore to sign a "friendship agreement" (not a peace treaty).  At this point, the North Koreans are more worried about peace with the USA than stopping the War between them and South Korea. So did it go well? We discuss all the intricacies and everything regarding this historic summit.

Gary Weed hit Mark up earlier in the week with meme from the internet that intrigued him. It said "You have $100 and you have to put a block party together with these listed bands and their prices, who do you pick?"  So Mark decided to discuss their picks live on the show, who would you pick...listen and figure it out.

But the most surprising moment was when Anthony Rogers, the actor extraordinaire, explained that he has access and the number for the famous Bill Murray 1-800 number.  It's well known that Murray takes voicemails off the line and makes his business decisions off of that. So the guys use Anthony's phone and call Bill directly to pitch coming on the Q and being interviewed.

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