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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.
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Mar 15, 2018

Jonathan May makes his return to the Q to discuss more about Black and White relations in the USA.  The show gets off to fast start when Mark and Jonathan discuss blackface and how it still has this racist connotation to it. This of course leads to a deeper discussion about racial relations in the USA and what is considered racist by some is not considered racist by others. Whose right? Well we don't know cause Brandon Travis jumps on the show and immediately throws the conversation for a loop with very viable arguments regarding race in America.  

Also the guys discuss Denzel Washington and his ability to get oscar nods, but then it's brought up that maybe other roles were more deserving of Denzel to get oscars for. Was Training Day his best, or was it Glory. All this plus a very tiny discussion on Trump and firing Tillerson in this exciting episode of the Q.

Mar 8, 2018

A few years ago, The Artist won Best Picture at the Academy awards. To Mark it was for no good reason. The 2018 Oscars just happened and the show was the lowest rated in history.  Was it too much focus on women? Was it Jimmy Kimmel? Was it the need for the Hollywood elite to hold on to tradition too much?  

All of these things are discussed between Jason Kull, Gary Weed and Mark Bland on this episode of the Q. Plus, are we on the edge of another financial crisis....someone whose very rich and well known thinks so. The guys discuss this and a bevy of other topics including Mark's covering of the MVC Tournament (aka Arch Madness) and some things he took away from it. 

Mar 1, 2018

Bob Wahl runs Wahl Real Estate and joins on this weeks episode of the Q along with Jason Kull. 

After being a guest on Bob's show, Mark had such a good time that he invited Bob Wahl to come on the Q and discuss politics and pop culture and real estate. Mark brings up some issues he had in the past with a real estate transaction and brings those problems to Bob's feet. Why should the seller pay the closing cost for a buyer on a house...find out what Bob says about this and a few other topics regarding real estate.

Hope Hicks is the 18th person to resign from Trump's presidency. Imagine if 18 employees from the past year all resigned under you as a person that was elected to run the country. He picked you specifically cause he wanted you to fix or help the situations in the country and EVEN YOU can't handle being a member of his administration anymore. That's pretty sucky and we discuss.

Finally Bob sits in the Hot seat and we discuss a myriad of issues and questions that will get you thinking and wishing there was more Q show. 


Feb 22, 2018

Gary Weed guests with Mark Bland and Jason Kull as another shooting takes place in a HS in Florida. It seems unfortunate for the guest whose booked because gun talk and laws isn't a fun thing to discuss. Neither is dead children because others don't want their "rights" trampled on. 

First up, the guys focus on the Olympics and Mark decides that there needs to be a change in the broadcast team for ice skating.  Then it's right into the Parkland Florida shooting. Why can't we change gun laws? How many times does Mark have to come on his show and address stupidity from the conservatives as they dance and try to downplay the real issue with people in the country...they are becoming emboldened to not care about others anymore because of attitudes like Trump. 

Finally Gary hits the HOTSEAT, created for the Q 6 years ago, to test his meddle on random questions that helps learn a little more about our guest.

Feb 20, 2018

Tony Cabral makes his triumphant return to the Q after a bit of a hiatus. Living in Chicago doesn't afford him the opportunity to be on the greatest show ever...but we make do. 

First up, Mark is dealing with a ton of censoring from the social media lately because of his show regarding black and white culture and the movie Black Panther. He has weened it down to specific people trying to censor him directly cause they are quite angry about the message getting out which doesn't play to these peoples narratives. Mark and Tony discuss what happened and why it seems over the top. 

​Mark and Tony also discuss the ability to "swat" people who you are mad at from far away and how this is becoming a very dangerous trend in the USA. This leads into a discussion about allegiance to the USA and allegiance to Trump. Where is the allegiance to our country and not your political party?

All this and more available on this episode of the Q.

Feb 7, 2018

The new Black Panther movie seems to be getting a lot of attention from the Black Community.  This has brought up certain feelings within the white community and they have not been quiet about this. So Mark Bland, being the devils advocate he is, decides to bring in comedian Jonathan May to discuss Black culture, racism and this heightened care for a movie that hasn't even been released yet.

Oh but the train don't stop there....This discussion goes into racism and the true backbone that black people think White people don't respect or care about them in 2018.  

Joined by Jason kull, this is an exciting episode of the Q that really delves deep into the manners and ideals of our cultures and how they should truly be viewed in our current times. Ain't no hiding in this episode...all the words and feelings are put on the table.

Feb 1, 2018

Jason Kull and Andy Echele jump in to discuss many a topic on this show. The guys start out discussing the State of the Union address by President Trump and the argument that Democrats didn't clap.  Well Mark points out this is quite normal and there are tons of examples from the past where other Presidents got shut down with the clap.

Then the story moves to Tom Brady and the Patriots going to their next Superbowl. Mark is a fan and Andy not so much. But his success begs the question, is he the greatest sports athlete of all time? Possibly...listen to the discussion and you make your decision.

Finally Mark had a run in with a Flat Earth believer recently and discusses the points brought to his attention and whether anyone else in the country believes the Flat Earth things.  This leads to discussion about conspiracy and the theories people hold.  Plus a reminder from Mark about conspiracy theorist.

Jan 25, 2018

Jonathan May is no slouch on the mic and he drops by again to hang out and talk with Mark and Jason Kull. 

First things up, Mark is accused of Poking the Bear on social media by Jonathan. The three break down what is considered crossing the line versus not.  Mark feels that it's undeserved dislike he receives. Does Jonathan agree? Find out...

Also, Mark talks about his son and his new found love of horror movies. But this leaves Mark with a conundrum. His son is 5 and there isn't many options for him to show the child without ruining him mentally for life. So what can he show him? Also, there seems to be a weird lycanthropic issue that Jonathan seems to have and comes out on the show. 

Finally the guys discuss some Trump and Stormy Daniels. And Mo'nique is asking people to stop using netflix in protest to help here...all of this and much more on the Q!

Jan 18, 2018

I have to say, this might be the best discussion on the Q in many years. Brandon Travis returns from a less than stellar abesnce and he jumps right into the fray.

First up, Trump paid out thousands to a porn star to keep quiet about a supposed act of miscoduct that needed to be kept under the rug. Unfortunately for "Swing and a Miss Don", he missed again and she didn't keep her silence. But is Donald in the complete wrong on this? Listen and find out what was said!

Also, all this sexual misconduct talk is hard to ignore when your states horrible Governor is running around and blackmailing people to keep them quiet. Then he has gone AWOL technically and no one knows where to find him.  Is it real, or not. The guys discuss before getting into the nitty gritty...

Brandon finally opens up about his past 7-10 months and the things that have been going on in his life. Gun fights, knife fights, drugs and the world of rehab all await on some of the most compelling audio the Q has ever released!

Jan 10, 2018

Well it's been a unique week in the world of Trump and politics. This week the people within the Trump presidency are all fluttered up with whirlwind news coming from former Chief of Strategy and Staff Steve Bannon. Bannon was interviewed for a book called "Fire and Fury" that is about the Trump Presidency and the first months of it in early 2017. Michael Wolff the author interviewed many people around the White House and they went on record with him discussing things that they thought and seen.  Steve Bannon in particular explained that the fake news Russian Meetings that were supposedly all BS, actually they were very real. OUCH. But then he went a step further and explained that the discussions were all treasonous. Out of control.

Mark and Jason Kull discuss this entire situation, all the players and how we should view this information as logical independent voters and thinkers in 2018. 

Also, Jason Kull is mad at Charter. He feels the company is immediately implementing net neutrality repeals and slowing peoples speeds down even though they pay for 100mbps service. Mark is not so quick to say that, but take a listen and see where you stand.

Jan 2, 2018

FIRST SHOW OF 2018...and we are starting the year off with a Bang! Jason Kull joins Mark to discuss the most up to date and current stance with the Trump Presidency. But that is not the big news of the day by any means.

Mark decides that 2018 needs to start with a rant that is geared towards the majority of cell phone loving Americans. Apple recently announced that they are slowing down cell phones. Mark is an avid Apple phone guy and this is not sitting well with the majority of people that pay large prices for their equipment monthly. Mark takes aim...see what he has to say.

Then the Tax Cut that Trump is so happy about is the focus of the next discussion. Obviously it helps the wealthy and the upper echelon of society...but will it help the middle class and lower class? Probably not right off the bat and definitely the way it was structured will blow up in the next Presidents face. But Trump doesn't care about the next President cause he is not a true American patriot the way he discusses and pretends. 

Finally Mark had it out on Twitter with some sports people from the southern US that love their college football. But why is someone asking for an autograph considered a pariah to the other people in the news writing community that covers Clemson football. Well tune in and find out if you agree with Mark or the others!

Dec 18, 2017

Ahh yes, the spirit is in the air for the Christmas season of 2017.  It has been a long year and this final show of 2017 brings light to that fact. Mark Bland is joined by Jason Kull and Andy Echele to discuss the big things that we as a country had to deal with in Trump's MERICA this year. 

First up the guys discuss Doug Jones beating out Republican Roy Moore which was easily the biggest political race of the entire year. Trump had put his name behind a few different people and they all lost. What does this mean for the 2018 elections and how will this affect the way the republican party is viewed?

Finally the guys discuss about Christmas traditions within their house and discuss a few movies from the Christmas season.  This leads into the discuss regarding the biggest issue of the year that was overturned by the FCC. The guys jump in and discuss all the good and potentially bad things about net neutrality. Did the guys agree with the FCC or are they against and listen! 

Dec 11, 2017

Politics, politics, politics...The show get's the complaint all the time from the fans because they hammer on the same topics all the time.  NOT THIS TIME! Mark took the cue and decided to bring in famed St. Louis Chef Rob Connoley of St. Louis' own Squatters Cafe/Bulrush to come in and discuss the culinary arts. They discuss how he made the jump from his previous job into being a chef, plus what living in New Orleans and New Mexico taught him about life and food. Rob is also quite the politically motivated individual and this brings around a conversation about Roy Moore, the embattled Alabama senate hopeful, who is dealing with allegations about dating and molesting underage girls back in his earlier career. But that doesn't stop President Donald Trump from sticking his foot in his mouth again and deciding to team up with Moore to try and help him ensure victory. Should the President do this? What can Rob infuse with Salmon to make a delicious winter treat taste amazing? All this and more is discussed on the new Q!

Dec 4, 2017

One of the best things about poker is the flop and the cards that get turned over during the game. Well this Trump situation seems to have a lot of people around it that could change everything at every turn. Michael Flynn is definitely one of those people and he is currently set to turn on Trump and explain all the Russia stuff he has knowledge of. we don't know how damning the evidence could be but he was one of the highest ranking officials at the White House and was privy to many convo's and plans for the Trump presidency.  So Jason Kull decides to jump in and discuss the Tweets from Trump, the Michael Flynn debacle and everything flying through the political atmosphere of today. All this and much more on this episode of The Q!

Nov 27, 2017

Andy Echele and Mark Bland discuss the GOP backing of senator Roy Moore and how it affects the view Donald Trump as President of the US. After some political banter, Mark decides to bring up a Which is Better scenario with the Christmas movies Elf and Christmas Vacation. This leads to a deeper conversation about comedic movies and the best ones of the past 20 Years. Did yours make the list? Listen to this and find out through the forest of topics Mark and Andy cover!

Nov 20, 2017

Andy Echele and Jason Kull join to discuss the Lavar Ball, LiAngelo Ball, UCLA and Donald Trump story.  Lavar Ball is not happy about Trump stating he helped get his kid out of China...even though Trump probably did help somewhat.  Jason thinks one way about the events and Andy has a completely different stance on what was and should have been done. Listen to find out what happens.

Also, Mark decides to dust off the old "F My Life" website and look through some of the raunchier things on it.  In what becomes one of the best ending to a show all year, Mark, Andy and Jason breka down the F MY LIFE stories and figure out who really has a bad life or who deserved the comeuppance. 

Nov 19, 2017

Whether holding up guns at campaign rally's or just touching a 14 year old girl inappropriately, we all know that the republicans and conservatives are going to defend Roy Moore from Alabama.  Why? Well that seems to be the issues we are having but it's still happening. 

Jason Kull joins this week to discuss the Roy Moore situation and how we got here. Also discussed is the first of a few of Donald Trump's trips to asia. Trips where he goes out of his way to trash an asian nation to others. A Trip where he chooses to try and joke about climate change and the US stance on it. A trip where he hob nobbed and hung out with dignitaries while getting absolutely nothing accomplished to better the USA.  Oh don't forget the speech where he basically told all the press in every country that whatever country he was currently in was screwing the USA on trade. 

Plus Mark discusses the hit TV show Stranger Things...find out if you agree with him.

So there's a lot to take in and discuss on this newest episode of the Q!

Nov 6, 2017

A church in Texas is attacked and 26 people are killed in the carnage. Once again the USA is thrust right back into the Gun Control discussion and the president says that it is a Mental Health issue. Find out what guest Andy Echele and Mark Bland think about this newest and freshest mass shooting.  Where will it end and why can't we do anything about it. 

Also, Mark hasn't really pushed for anyone to write in lately regarding the letters from the listeners, so he compromises and grabs some Savage Love stories for him and Andy to pick through and discuss. Also, Mark did get some questions from the listeners and wants to knock some of them out with Andy.

Nov 1, 2017

Similar to the walls of Jericho, the trump administration might have their walls start crumbling in. Mark Bland, Jason Kull and Producer Bobby discuss why they waited so long for this episode. Well, Robert Mueller who has been following Trump and investigating him decided to arrest Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager, for conspiracy against the United States. The guys discuss this.

Plus, Producer Bobby attempts to change the Halloween game before Mark stops him...AND there are a ton of weird conspiracy theories out there. The guys decide to read through a list of 20 and figure out which ones might or might not have merit. 

Oct 23, 2017

It's been a minute, but DJ Gelner (author) joins the Q for another round in the world of politics and pop culture. Immediately the show starts ripping and roaring right out the gate with Gelner telling guest Andy Echele about his work with, a dating site for guys to get tips about women. Andy then lets on about how he is the kink master of all kink and starts describing all his sex capades in an attempt to make Mark and DJ impressed. They seemed like they were!

Then Mark asks the question of the show...Is the country more divided than ever, or is the media trying to make it look like that.  Mark, Andy and DJ discuss which leads to what the breakdown divide looks like and some of the components.  Do they figure out if it's truly divided or not, find out! 

Finally the guys discuss some questions with Gelner since he hasn't been to the newer studio, so he needs to be run through the ringer. This brings up an interesting story that perks Mark back into the idea that there are natural dividers in society and Gelner's topic is one of them. 

Oct 17, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner and Jason Kull joins Mark to discuss some of the greatest horror films of all times.  The guys read through a list of the greatest horror movies you should know about and add in those films they think you should see.

Plus, Trump is on a tear again and it's discussed about his need to repeal and replace healthcare.  Signing executive orders just like Obama did (and all the presidents before him), Trump takes away the ability to have pre-existing conditions guarded from disclosure while signing up. So having one means that they can drop you from coverage or deny you coverage at a new company. It's a dagger into the heart of many and the guys discuss it in glorious detail and explain how we got to this problem in our country. 

Finally, Taxes are a hot issue and should we pay them? Are they too high?  Mark and Jason discuss why we have them and how people should look at taxing in 2017.

Oct 10, 2017

Las Vegas was the most recent outbreak of gun violence the entire country is talking about and Mark and Andy Echele break down whether there should or should not be gun control. With so many people discussing each time something happens, it's hard to turn away and say nothing. Mark breaks out the idea that this will never go away and how much it will affect the Presidency of Trump.

Next up, Mark discusses how the word "snowflake" is improperly used in the lexicon of 2017 and why conservative voters gravitate towards using it. Mark then discusses with Andy about DACA kids and illegal immigration and why there shouldn't be as much focus and worry about illegals as the media and Trump would like for you to believe. 

Finally mark discusses the whole vibe of our forefathers and how they landed in our country. People usually stop at Washington and 1776 as their forefathers, but Mark makes a valiant plea for the forefathers to be the Pilgrims. 

All this and much more on the new Q!

Oct 2, 2017

Have you ever been to Reddit and looked around on the subreddits out of interest? Well Mark has and talks with Jason Kull and Producer Bobby about the justice porn subreddit. Mark discusses how the video and ideals on the subreddit are interchangeable with certain blog stories from Conservative blog websites. There is a ton of correlation and Mark explains how they use it in regards to keeping their fan bases close by and primed for anger.

Also, Trump doesn't really care for Puerto Rico's mayor or the people of the country.  He has tweeted out many times since the hurricane disasters to other locales but not until a week later did Trump finally get around to helping the people of Puerto Rico...then he called them lazy and wanted everything done for them.  The guys discuss a little about this because honestly it's difficult to keep up with Trump constantly starting issue and fist fights with everyone daily. 

Finally, the guys stumble upon a game when they try and guess the User rating score for a Fast and Furious movie.


Sep 25, 2017

President Donald Trump decided to turn his ire towards the NFL and NBA this week.  He tweeted out many tweets downplaying the NFL for their allowing of players to kneel during the national anthem.  When the NFL found out, they took umbrage with it and decided to fight back and kneel or even avoid the national anthem outright. Was it right or wrong? Mark and Andy Echele discuss all the things surrounding this topic.

Also, Mark had an interesting week being attacked for absolutely no reason through a certain section of St. Louis' media community. Mark discusses why it was inappropriate to attack him and how the attackers were just wrong in their disseminating of information too. Plus there was a shooting at a 7-11 in Calirfornia with a police officer and assailant. Mark was asked his opinion on the videos and that set Mark off on a different direction totally regarding the way people handle video taping these interactions. What's the stance on this shooting...listen and find out! 

Sep 18, 2017

Matthew Krueger makes his grand return to the Q and it was a busy week in racial justice and inequality here in St. Louis where the show is based.  

Jason Kull and Matt discuss the impact of the Jason Stockley verdict and how it played out versus what should have happened.  People immediately jumped into the streets to protest the situation.  Should they be protesting and why are the protests getting so out of control that 80 people are arrested at once.  Mark and the guys break down how they view the situation and what they think people should take from verdict.

Finally Matt brings up discussing controversy and how it affects the views of what we are talking about.  This leads to a discussion of prayer and god, along with popular churches in the STL area. Matt explains his church is into something unique...take a listen and find out what made Mark and Jason loose it live on the show.

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